Nathan Roberts Deleted Proof That The Horizon Does Not Rise To Your Eyes

by David on February 13, 2018

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

On 02-13-18, Nathan Roberts tagged me on a post on the Facebook group: The Real Flat Earth vs Globe Earth; which pretends to be an open discussion group to debate whether the earth is flat or a globe; but it is really a flat earth group that pushes their beliefs on others, and is incapable of having a rational discussions.

Larry Emery had commented with the following picture, noting that the horizon does not rise up to the eyes.  This proves that the horizontal line, on which the Globe Earth Curvature Formula is based; is not the same thing as the horizon line.

Larry Emery horizon line does not rise up to the eyes

We can see that in this image.

Let's apply this to a picture to see the difference between the level line and the horizon line.

Nathan Roberts responded to Larry’s comment with derision, proclaiming that he was deceiving people with his photo. Of course that is absurd because the photo was taken directly behind the two water levels.

Nathan Roberts tagged me on a post on the Facebook group: The Real Flat Earth vs Globe Earth

Then Nathan Roberts deleted Larry Emery’s image and explanation.

Nathan Roberts has no integrity.  Instead of letting people in the group look at Larry’s image and decide for themselves, he deletes things that counters his flat earth explanations.

Larry provided a great idea with the water level device, to prove that the horizon line and the horizontal line are not the same thing.  I may build one and take pictures.

I also use the iPhone Theodolite app to prove it out.


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