Pastor Dean Odle Skyfall 2019 Biblical Creation Book

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts posted on his Flat Earth Doctrine Facebook page about the upcoming Skyfall 2019 Biblical Cosmology and End Time Prophecy Conference.

The speakers include:

Pastor Dean Odle, Fire & Grace Church.

Nathan Roberts –

Sheila Zilinksy – The Weekend Vigilante

Dean Odle Ministries announced: Good news! My new 444 page book on Biblical creation and Satan’s end-time agenda will make its premier at Skyfall 2019. We barely made it to the publisher in time this morning. The last couple of weeks we have worked to 3 and 4am to get it done. Looking forward to Skyfall 2019. Just 8 days away.

Oh yeah, 444 pages of false explanations about the orientation of the universe, the shape of the earth, and prophecy fulfillment.

Flat-earthers understand that the earth is not spinning or flying through space, but they have been deceived about the shape of the earth. They are being used by the enemy to hide to true deception, the Tychonic geocentric universe with a globe earth.

If you’re a flat earther, have you studied the context of the Bible verses which are being cited to proclaim “the Bible says flat earth”?

The False Doctrine of the Flat Earth book by David Nikao

This book goes through all 240 verses that people like Nathan Roberts cite, to show you the proper context; because if you’re promoting this list, then you’re accountable for the explanations.