Geocentrism 101 – An Introduction into the Science of  Geocentric Cosmology

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

I’m reading a book called ‘Geocentrism 101 – An Introduction into the  Science of  Geocentric Cosmology‘ by Robert A. Sungenis,‎ PhD; published on Oct. 15. 2015

The book comes with a CD that has graphical models, which compare the heliocentric and geocentric earth model; so that you can see that the perspective of the solar system doesn’t change.

Here’s a snapshot of the comparison of the annual cycle:

Geocentric earth annual cycle

Here’s a snapshot of the comparison of the daily cycle:

Geocentric earth daily cycle

The introduction of the book asked these questions:

Did you know that the newest cosmological evidence puts the Earth at the center of the universe, and this is admitted by many popular scientists? 

Did you know that experimental evidence from over one hundred years ago to the present day shows the Earth is motionless in space? 

Did you know that Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity was invented precisely to counter the many experiments in the late 1800s that showed the Earth was standing still in space?

Did you know that Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity was invented to cover the weaknesses of the Special Theory, but in doing so the General Theory allowed the Earth to be motionless in the center of the universe?

Did you know that in addition to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, other theories of physics, such Newton’s laws of motion and Mach’s Principle, say that a universe rotating around a fixed Earth is as scientifically valid as a rotating Earth in a fixed universe?

Did you know that every scientific proof for an Earth revolving around the sun and rotating on an axis has been discredited, and there has never been an experiment that has provided proof that the Earth is moving?

Did you know that the most recent data from satellite probes sent up in the 1990s and 2000s show that the whole universe is aligned with both the Earth-sun ecliptic and the Earth’s equator, showing that our universe is geocentrically oriented with Earth at the center?

Did you know that the most recent data from telescopes show that galaxies and many other celestial objects such as quasars and gamma ray bursts, are oriented around the Earth in concentric spheres? 

As you can see, in sharp contrast to Carl Sagan’s perspective that the Earth is lost in space, the scientific evidence shows we are, indeed, very special, since it appears we are placed at the very hub of the universe, motionless and serene, watched and cared for by Someone who apparently did not leave things to time and chance.

As you read this book, we will provide for you the shocking scientific evidence from the best scientific minds and experiments to confirm these astounding truths. You will also see that there has been a concerted effort in modern academia to hide these truths from the public. In other words, there has been a conspiracy or cover up going on for many years to preserve the Copernican Principle—that the Earth is neither special nor in a special place in the universe—to keep mankind in the dark concerning himself and his relationship to God. The evidence you are about to see is so shocking and so revolutionary that once you grasp its significance your whole view of life will be instantly changed. Life itself, and the reason for our existence, will become crystal clear.  

Based on what I learn in the book, I will be updating this Flat Earth Deception website, as there appears to be a grand deception going on in the world; but it is not that the Earth is flat, as there are many people in this world who can prove otherwise.

But that planet Earth is geocentric, which would not be detectable by most people; other than it not seeming like we are flying through space and rotating.

Here’s a link to the book if you want to order it. ‘Geocentrism 101 – An Introduction into the  Science of  Geocentric Cosmology‘ 

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