Flat Earther Nathan Roberts Rebukes David Nikao About His Bible Teaching

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

On 02/13/18 Nathan Roberts made the following post in the Facebook Official Flat Earth & Globe Earth Biblical Discussion group. My comments are in red.

** CALLING OUT a False Biblical Teaching “user account” named “David Nikao” and PUBLICLY rebuking it **

Here’s my Biblical Proofs Of The Globe Earth page where I show you all 200 verses that Nathan cites as proclaiming that the Earth is flat, and proves that none of them declare such a thing. 

The “user account” named “David Nikoa” publishes false teaching on website www.FlatEarthDeception.com.

It’s Nikao, not Nikoa!

I love that he’s giving flat earthers my website, because they can review it and maybe see the truth. 🙂

I say “user account” because there is no evidence of his personal identity…just some ghost-writer name associated to a user account.

Just because I don’t voluntarily give away personal information and post selfies to Facebook, for the NSA and all of the other evil entities that collect data on people; does not mean that I’m not a real person.

The irony of this is that Nathan used to call himself by the name of Samuel Rowbotham on Facebook.

Samuel Rowbotham is Nathan Roberts

Obviously he was ghost-writing, as Samuel is not alive anymore.   

The “user account” twists God’s Word in favor of man-made philosophies and delusions.

I point out the proper context of Scripture, which may be pointing to a geocentric earth, but not a flat earth with a glass dome.  Read Biblical Proofs Of The Globe Earth

The sad irony is that it is Nathan Roberts and other flat earthers who twist Scripture out of its proper context.  

I have written a couple articles to expose this “user account’s” published false doctrine (Heliocentric Big-Bang Universe model heresy):

He thinks that he is exposing me based on his flat earth theology. 

The funny part is that he never acknowledges that I declare that the Earth may be geocentric, and that I believe that some NASA missions have been faked.  

1st Note on FB:

2nd Note on FB:

K, that’s all. Earth is still stationary and FLAT b/c God’s Word is ALWAYS faithful and true. (Rev. 19:11)

One of Nathan Robert’s articles starts with “A loved one who is investigating a Biblical perspective of Flat Earth stumbled upon David Nikao’s website called flatearthdeception.com”

The loved one is his wife, who does not believe that the earth is flat.  Here’s her comment about his article:

Jennifer Roberts, wife of Nathan Roberts, says that he's a false teacher

I’m not really sure what Nathan Roberts thought that he was accomplishing by making this post. He just dislikes me because I show proof that the earth is not flat.  Sad story bro!  Seek truth, not to defend a belief!

The irony is that after watching the documentary movie The Principle, and after reading more articles about the universe; I believe that there is a grand conspiracy, and that the earth is geocentric.  I will post a page about that on this website soon.

Even more ironic is that it is NASA probes which are providing the information from the universe, to show that earth is at the center.  It’s ironic because flat earthers dismiss anything from NASA.

The information that is coming from the NASA proves what Nathan Roberts wants, that the earth is geocentric.

But the information also proves that the earth is a globe, and not flat. 

I’m seeking truth, are you Nathan?   

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