Nathan Roberts Flat Earth Teachings Help Cause Divorce

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts posted this video on his Flat Earth Doctrine Youtube channel called ‘Divorce, Children, and Biblical Cosmology’.

Nathan talks about a man who attended the Skyfall 2019 flat-earth conference, whose wife divorced him, noting that one of the reasons is for his belief that the earth is flat.

Nathan is emotional about it, but the sad irony is that it’s Nathan Roberts who helped make it happen. This man bought into Nathan Roberts’ explanations of how ‘the Bible (supposedly) says flat earth.’ He wears Nathan Roberts flat-earth shirts and is teaching his sons that the earth is flat.

Nathan Roberts’ false teachings about the earth being flat have directly led to this man being divorced! 

Nathan will stand before his righteous Judge to account for misleading many people. He understands some truth, that the earth is not flying through space or rotating around the sun; but he mistakenly ignores proof that the geocentric globe earth universe is the real deception of the enemy.

If you’re a flat earther, have you studied the context of the Bible verses which are being cited to proclaim “the Bible says flat earth”?

The False Doctrine of the Flat Earth book by David Nikao

This book goes through all 240 verses that people like Nathan Roberts cite, to show you the proper context; because if you’re promoting this list, then you’re accountable for the explanations.