Jesuit Coadjutors Promote Flat Earth Theory

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the globe earth is at the center of the universe.

I find it really interesting that the major players who expose the Jesuits; Alan Lamont, Edward Hendrie, Eric Phelps, Johnny Cirucci and World’s Last Chance; all teach that the earth is flat.

It seems like the Jesuits have targeted them with disinformation or worse, that they work for the Jesuits.

At this point in the game, the Jesuits are bold enough to have controlled opposition ‘expose’ them for their evil deeds; which gives these people an audience.

And then they use Jesuit coadjutors to deceive people about the flat earth and other things, like who is the false prophet leader of the earth beast of Revelation?  It’s the Jesuit Superior General, the Black Pope, who controls the Vatican and the white antichrist beast Pope.

Alan Lamont

“It’s the Jesuits! It’s the Jesuits! It’s the Jesuits!”  That’s all Alan Lamont seems to know how to say.

He provides some great information, but is he connecting them with the false prophet and earth beast of Revelation?  No!

Instead he teaches false futuristic prophecy fulfillment deceptions, which came from the Jesuits and serve to deflect blame away from Rome.

Edward Hendrie

Edward points to the Jews as the top of the heap, instead of the Jesuit General of the earth beast of Rome.

Khazar Jews are used by the Jesuits to steal, kill and destroy; so that people will blame them and not the Jesuits.

Edward was trained by the Jesuits, and though he claims to have come out of their influence, we can see through that and understand that he’s a master at disinformation.

Eric Phelps

Eric Phelps offers a plethora of information about the Society of Jesus, which is really the Society of Satan.

It’s interesting that Johnny Cirucci said this about Eric, “oh…by the way, my old neighbor “Eric Jon Phelps”, the “Baptist Calvinist White Supremacist” promotes the Truth about our cosmology because his Jesuits have been SO successful with the Lie that it helps him discredit us”

So he is telling you that Eric is a Jesuit and perhaps by making this statement, he is trying to disassociate himself with Eric; but ultimately, are they working together?

As for Eric’s teachings about how the Jesuits fulfill prophecy, he misses the mark.

Johnny Cirucci

Giovanni Augustino Cirucci teaches truth about the Jesuits with well-documented research; but is he connecting them with prophecy fulfillment? I haven’t seen that to be the case.

Sadly, he misleads people about what the Bible says about the shape of the earth and design of the universe; taking verses out of context to proclaim that it’s pointing to a domed flat earth.

World’s Last Chance wrongly teaches that the earth beast of Revelation 13 is the United States, but it is the Jesuit General led Roman beast kingdom.

World’s Last Chance is deflecting blame away from the Jesuit General as the false prophet of the end times Roman beast kingdom.

It’s amazing that none of those people seem to consider the geocentric globe earth, even though many astronomers like Tyche Brahe declared that is the true design of the universe.

They make the conversation about the false dichotomy of flat earth vs. heliocentric globe earth, so that people ignore the true option. In my opinion, that’s the Jesuits deception about astronomy!!!

It’s very telling that people started proclaiming that the earth is flat on YouTube and Facebook, after the movie The Principle came out in late 2014; and after astronomers began proclaiming that evidence is pointing to the earth being the center of the universe.

So it appears that the Jesuits propped up these people to proclaim that the earth is flat, so that the world would mock anyone who proclaims that the globe Earth is geocentric.

Are they just deceived?  Or are they deceivers?

Ultimately, the outcome is the same. They deflect people away from the truth about the universe, that the globe earth is geocentric.

And their nonsensical explanations of the flat earth caused people to reject anyone who proclaims that the earth is geocentric.

They point to the Jesuits as the enemy of the world, but I’ve not seen any of them proclaim that the end-times phase of the Roman beast kingdom is led by the false prophet Jesuit Superior General. 

It is the General who controls the world through three city-state corporations (the City Of London, Vatican City and the District of Columbia) and many front organizations.

John in Revelation 12-13 is describing the leaders of the fourth beast of Daniel, during three phases the Roman beast kingdom. He points to the Satan-empowered pagan Roman Emperors of Revelation 12; the sea beast phase of the (antichrist) beast Popes reigning in power for 1,260 years from 538-1798 AD; and the false prophet Jesuit Superior General who rose to power out of the land (earth, ge in the Greek) of the beast, the Vatican.

It is the Jesuit Superior General who was given authority in the 16th century, who lived in the land (earth) of the Vatican. It is the General who caused the first four vial judgments to be poured out on countries which had banned the Jesuits. It is the General who used Napoleon to remove the Pope from power as part of the fifth vial. The black pope has controlled the Vatican ever since, and he exercises his authority in front of the white pope.

Horns point to leaders. The end-times earth beast phase of the Roman beast kingdom has two horns, the black pope and the white pope, the false prophet Jesuit Superior General and the antichrist beast Pope; who pretend to serve Messiah (lamb-like), but really serve Satan (the dragon).

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