SciManDan Video Flat Earthers Most Outrageous Claim Ever

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

SciManDan posted a video called ‘Flat Earther Comes Out With Their Most Outrageous Claim Ever!’.

This flat earther proclaims that he’s the smartest man on the earth, he and other flat earthers, because they know the secret that’s been hidden from most everyone. 😛

The paranoid flat-earther thinks that the orange “rocket” on the shuttle launch looks fake, like it’s a helium filled bouncy house. Ironically, the orange cylinder is the fuel tank for the rockets.

Why does NASA have such a huge tract of land around the launch pad? Maybe in case the massive fuel tank exploded, just a thought!

This video demonstates the paranoid nature of flat earthers mindset, where everything is a conspiracy, and everything is hiding that the earth is flat. Ugh!

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