Nathan Roberts Myrtle Beach FLAT WATER Experiment Debunked

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine posted a video called ‘Myrtle Beach FLAT WATER experiment in-progress.’

UPDATE: Nathan Roberts removed this video because it didn’t prove anything, except for his ignorance.

Nathan Roberts is in front of the Myrtle Beach Apache Pier, on the beach which he says is about 2-3 feet above sea level. This elevation estimator puts it at 3 feet.

Nathan Roberts is in front of the Myrtle Beach Apache Pier, on the beach which he says is about 2-3 feet above sea level.

He says that the strobe light is at about 16 feet high. How is it that he doesn’t have an exact height? This is a scientific measurement, so prove that it’s 16 feet tall. It’s not rocket science! 😛

He says that it’s 9.7 miles to Cherry Grove pier, so according to him there should be 33 feet of curvature. But if you use a curvature formula without refraction it says 30 feet, so why is Nathan saying 33 feet? These details matter!

And if you account for refraction, which he should especially since the distance is over water, it’s only 24 feet. Is he being ignorant or deceptive?

The strobe light is at 16 feet and Nathan says that Scott can see it through a telescope. Where’s the proof of where Scott is at, and at what height? Is he on the beach? Is he on the pier?

Where’s the proof that he can see it? Nathan says that Scott has a poor-resolution camera. So is he not able to zoom in and take a picture of the strobe light? If that’s the case, this experiment was designed to fail. We’re not going to just take their word for it!

Nathan said that Scott is going to shine the laser at the sign. I hope that they brought eye protection! Shining a laser to a location that has people around it, where they could potentially see the light and look at it, is putting their eye-health at risk!  What is wrong with these people?

Nathan Roberts flat earth experiment Apache Pier

If you’re trying to prove that the earth is flat, the goal should be able to see the strobe light that’s mounted close to the ground, to prove that there’s no curvature. Instead they mounted it to be 16 feet high, which is odd.

Either way, the missing curvature formula that accounts for refraction shows that we’re looking for 24 feet to be hidden. Since the strobe light is at 16 feet, we’re only looking to account for 8 feet.

Was the strobe light reflecting off of the water from that high position? Who knows? We may never know because we don’t have any pictures. Yet Nathan proclaims that this experiment is proof that the earth is flat. Seriously?

After seeing Nathan’s Mobile Bay video, I don’t trust him to run a legit test. I need all of the numbers and pictures. Read Nathan Roberts Nikon P1000 PROVES FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay Video Debunked