Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine Globular Problem, proves FLAT EARTH Video

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Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine posted a video called ‘Globular Problem, proves FLAT EARTH.’

Nathan asked, “Why it is that the horizon always raised to eye level?” He says that “if we were on a ball looking out at this height, I should have to look downward in order to see the horizon.”

This guy is unbelievable! If he was looking straight out, he would be looking at the sky above the horizon line.  But when we look out a few miles, especially over water where the terrain is plain, our eyes are drawn down slightly to the horizon line.

Look at his eyes. What’s behind them? The sky? So we’re looking out at eye-level, and we have to look down slightly to see the horizon line. Amazing! 😛

Nathan Roberts Horizon Line Beach

It’s not the the horizon line is rising up, it’s that we’re looking down slightly. Here’s Nathan on the balcony of his 13th floor room. Look at his eyes. Now look behind them and you see the sky and you have to look down slightly to see the horizon line.

Nathan Roberts Horizon Line Hotel

It’s the very opposite of what Nathan says. The reason that the horizon seems to rise up, is that the earth is curved. If the earth was flat, the horizon line would be much lower. Here’s Nathan pointing straight out with his hand and it’s pointing to the sky.

Nathan Roberts Horizon Line Hand

On his YouTube video page I commented with: Buy the Theodolite app for your phone and you’ll see that the horizon line is not at eye level. Then you’ll realize that instead of looking straight out, you’re eyes are drawn down slightly to the horizon line.

Nathan Roberts replied with “You are very willfully ignorant.” That’s funny, because I suggested a tool that can help him prove that the the horizon line indeed does rise up to meet our eyes. Why would he not want to do that?

Nathan Roberts Theodolite Suggestion Reply

Of course I know that if he got the Theodolite app, that he would see that he’s wrong. And maybe his biased mind won’t let him get the app, because he’s afraid that it will prove that he’s wrong. 🙂

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