SciManDan Flat Earther Gets His Curvature Debunking Utterly Wrong Video

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

SciManDan posted a video called ‘Flat Earther Gets His Curvature Debunking Utterly Wrong!!’

Video description: Today we look a guy who thinks he has proven a flat Earth because he can see a 6000 plus foot island from another island. The mind boggles.

Flat earthers seem to have problems proving that the earth is flat during their experiments. Because they set out to prove that the earth is flat, they can’t see the evidence that’s right before them. In this video, how did the flat earther not account for the high elevation of the land mass which he’s viewing?

Nathan Roberts posted a video proclaiming that the earth is flat and the globe earth is dead, which showed that the bottom four floors of a building were missing from his photos. Hmmm, maybe because of the curvature of the earth?

He then made excuses for the missing floors, saying that it’s due to the ‘law of perspective’ and/or haze. That’s comical as the law of perspective never shows that things disappear under the horizon line, only that they grow smaller the further away they are. And though there was some haze, we could clearly see the top of the water and the building, so we could clearly see that four floors and the elevated roadway in the foreground were missing.

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