Nathan Roberts Nikon P1000 PROVES FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay Video Debunked

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine posted a video today called ‘Nikon P1000 PROVES FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay, Alabama (Fairhope to Mobile is 13.6 miles) – RELOADED’

The video description says: The GLOBE is DEAD — RELOADED! Added more graphics and data analysis than the initially released video. Enjoy!

Nathan Roberts says that they took photos from Fairhope to Mobile Alabama, which is 13.61 miles. He focused on the Mobile Government Plaza building, which is 325 feet tall. He says that 83 feet should be hidden.

The bottom part has two floors, then the middle section has eight stories, and on top are two stories. A floor height of 15 feet would be 180 feet for the 12 stories, leaving 145 feet for the roof cooling towers, the arches and the two metal towers. The 15 foot floor height is confirmed by Nathan, as we see that the first seven floors are at 108.3 feet on his graphic.

Nathan Roberts Nikon P1000 PROVES FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay Video Debunked

Here’s a Google street view of the building, so you can see that the bottom section is two stories high.

Nathan Roberts Nikon P1000 PROVES FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay Building

Here’s a side-by-side comparison, with corresponding lines at the top of the 12th floor windows, at the top of the 9th floor windows and the at the bottom of the 6th floor windows. We can see that the 1st – 4th levels are missing, so we’re missing 60 feet.

The side-by-side helps, because there’s a lot of distortion in Nathan’s video, especially on the lower levels of the building.

Here we can see that the recessed part of the building lines up with the windows on the 6th floor.

The yellow-marked part of the building, the first four levels are not in Nathans video.

Nathan asked in the video, “why can’t you see the entire bottom of the building?”

The law of perspective would not cause the bottom of the building to be hidden, as there’s nothing to block our view on the flat earth model. You can’t see the bottom few floors because of the curvature of the earth, not because of the law of perspective. That’s ridiculous! 

He said it could be due to “Haze in the air.”

We can clearly see the top of the water and where it matches up to the building, so though haze made the building a bit blurry, it didn’t hide any of the building. Just another lame excuse!

So what about the remaining 23 feet that Nathan says should be missing? There are two explanations for that.

What Nathan neglects to point out is that the building doesn’t sit at water level. Wikipedia says: The elevation in Mobile ranges from 10 feet (3 m) on Water Street in downtown to 211 feet (64 m) at the Mobile Regional Airport. Using we can see confirm that the altitude of the building is 10 feet.

The second reason is that he’s using a earth curvature formula which doesn’t factor in standard refraction like the one from Metabunk. The website that he uses is based on the assumption that light travels in straight lines.

But we know that refraction does occur above the earth’s surface, especially over water; which makes things that are hidden just below the horizon, to refract upwards so that they appear just above the horizon.  So his data is based on a false assumption.

Accounting for refraction, the hidden height is 69 feet, instead of 83 feet.

With “Standard” refraction adjustment of 7/6 radius (4618.83 miles)
Refracted Horizon = 2.65 miles (13967.8 feet)
Refracted Drop= 105.87 feet (1270.49 inches)
Refracted Hidden= 68.72 feet (824.59 inches)

So we’ve accounted for 60 feet of missing bottom four floors of the building and we know that the building sits at 10 feet above the water level; which adds up to 70 feet. 

Using the earth curvature formula with refraction adjustment which says that 69 feet should be missing, we’re right on target!

Even if we use Nathan’s 83 feet number, we can confirm 70 feet are missing from his photo. There’s absolutely no reason why a Nikon P1000 camera would not be able to see the whole building, if the earth was flat.

Nathan pointed to vehicles being seen on the bottom of the video.

The red line is at the bottom of the 6th floor. The red box marks a bus on the highway.

The top of the bus is seen at the lower part of the fifth floor, so the road would be at an elevation of about 50 feet. It’s a double-height overpass, so that seems reasonable.

Here’s a Google street view from one bridge, looking towards the Mobile Municipal Court building. We can see a double-height overpass blocking our view of the building. So it’s easy to see why vehicles would be seen that far up in the air. But the double-height bridge is not visible in his image, as it’s hidden by the curve of the earth.

This video from flat earther Nathan Roberts actually proves that the earth is curved, as we can’t see the bottom four floors of the building. 

It also proves that Nathan neglects to account for things like the elevation of the building foundation, and light refraction.

Nathan also handles Scriptures is a negligent manner, taking verses out of context, to proclaim that the Bible says that the earth is flat with a dome over it. Then he has the audacity to condemn me, because I believe that the earth is globe. Read Flat Earther Nathan Roberts of DEBUNKED!