SciManDan Debunks Flat Earther Scientist Nathan Thompson

by David on June 9, 2019

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

SciManDan posted a video called ‘Zetetic Astronomy is not a Science – The Earth is Not Flat’.

The video description says: So Nathan Thompson of the Facebook Group “Official Flat Earth and Globe Earth discussion” thinks he is a scientist. I explain to him nicely that he is no such thing. I also completely dismantle his arguments in this video. I have since been booted twice from his group and now cannot even find the group on Facebook. Shame, I’m sure his devoted followers would have loved to seen him destroyed.

Nathan Thompson says that the flat earth is called the geocentric model, which is incorrect.

The flat earth is not geocentric, as the planets and universe are not revolving around it, but above it in a relatively small dome.

Nathan points out that people on the North Pole would have a different perspective from people on South Pole, but we all see the same side.

The irony is that on the flat earth, people would see different sides of the moon.

People in North America would see a different side of the moon from people in South Americath moon

Nathan points out that a polished ball reflector has a spectral highlight, where an external light shines on one small part, and doesn’t illuminate the whole ball.

But nobody ever said that the moon is a polished, shiny ball. And we can clearly see by the shadows in the craters that it’s being illuminated externally.

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Thompson then uses a white golf ball, which ironically shows the side that’s lit and the dark side; which proves that it’s being illuminated by an external light source. LOL!

Nathan Thompson then uses a white golfball, which ironically shows the side that's lit and the dark side; which proves that it's being illuminated by an external light source.

The sun is a giant nuclear reactor, so it’s not just an ordinary light. The moon reflects about 12% of the sun’s light, which is pretty poor; but at night when it’s dark, the 12% is a perfect brightness.

Then Nathan points to places that are not exposed to moonlight being cooler than places that are in the moonlight.

This is due to radiative cooling. The area that’s not in the moonlight is being blocked somehow, from a roof awning, the side of a building, a tree, etc. Those structures act as a barrier which prevents heat from radiating out, so the temperature is warmer.

Then Nathan Thompson points to his shirt and says that the U.N. logo is a flat earth map.

Since the United Nations want to show all of the nations, they can’t do that with a 2D image of the globe, so they use a 2D north-polar azimuthal equidistant projection of the 3D globe earth.

North Poles Equidistant map project is not a flat earth map

The irony is that in the background on the wall in Nathan Thompson’s video is a Gleason’s New Standard Map Of The World, which is a north polar azimuthal equidistant projection of the globe earth. It’s filed under US Patent No. 497,917; which reads, “The extorsion of the map from that of a globe consists, mainly in the straightening out of the meridian lines allowing each to retain their original value from Greenwich, the equator to the two poles.”

From the patent description, we know that Gleason was in full knowledge that the map he created was simply a projection of the spherical earth.

Nathan Thompson is the worst ‘scientist’ that I’ve ever scene. 😛

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