Paul Raines Responds To Being Called A Flat Earth Troll

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

On 01-15-18, Paul Raines shared this post to the Facebook group: The FLAT out TRUTH & no BALL face LIES; in response to me saying that his explanations are so ridiculous, that I think that he may be a troll.

Paul Raines Flat Earth Troll

There’s a big different between someone who is a troll, who is knowingly deceiving people; and someone who observes what flat earthers are discussing, and is seeking to help people see the truth about the shape of the earth.

The irony is that the explanation that Paul Raines posted about me on Facebook, will clearly prove to you that he is either a flat earth troll, who is deceiving you; or he is blind.

He commented about a meme on this website, which points out that an airplane can’t head east and then just go straight to continue traveling east, because then it would be heading southeast on the supposed flat earth map.

Instead they would have to continually adjust their path to the north, to continue heading east.

In other words, east doesn’t travel in a straight line on the flat earth model, it curves to the north, in a circle around the flat earth.

I know, it’s a ridiculous concept, right? Because in the real world, one can head east and then travel in a straight path, and they are still heading heading east.

Paul added his comments and his explanation to supposedly debunk my flat earth map explanation.

Paul Raines flat earth airplanes explanation

Below is the same image of the flight patterns on the supposed flat earth map that Paul used; but it is larger and brighter, so that you can see the flight paths better.

Note: I had to flip it horizontally, as Paul’s image had the continents on the wrong side of each other. South America was southwest of North America, instead of southeast.  Small detail!  😛

Paul says that planes just fly in a straight path from continent to continent, but that is not what the flight patterns show.

You can see that on the supposed flat earth map, that the planes flight paths do not appear as straight lines from one continent to another, but that they curve north around the supposed flat earth, just like I said.

Flat earth airplane flights not possible

Paul Raines flat earth explanationPaul Raines proclaims that there are no flights over southern hemisphere oceans, but notice how his image is so dark that you can’t see the flights.

But when the image is larger and highlighted, you can clearly see the long flight paths from one southern continent to another, over the southern hemisphere oceans.

And they appear curved on the supposed flat earth map, just like I said they would.

As you can see, what Paul said about airplane flights on the flat earth model is wrong.

That is either a lack of integrity from a troll, or just ignorance; because you can see the long flight paths over southern hemisphere oceans; and you can see that they match up with the flights shown on a Mercator globe map.

Mercator map proves flat earth is impossible

He is clearly misleading people; either out of ignorance, and on purpose by using a dark image that hides the flights over the southern hemisphere oceans.

Flat earthers deny flights over the oceans in the southern hemisphere, because the flight times and distances prove that the earth is a globe.

Commercial pilots like Wolfie6020 on YouTube fly from Australia, so he knows what the flight paths and flight times are; and he knows that the earth is a globe.

On this page Mick West of Metabunk debunks the Flat Earth Theory with flights (QF27 & QF28) From Australia to South America.

All you have to do is use a flight tracker like Flight Aware, to see the length of time of miles, of flights in the Southern Hemisphere; to see that it’s impossible to fly that distance on a flat earth.

Tools like Flight Aware and Flight Radar 24 provide all the information that is needed to prove that the earth is not flat.

Last night I used to track a flight from Santiago, Chile to Auckland, New Zealand.  You can see the curved flight path over the South Pacific ocean.

The distance is 6,011 miles, the average travel time is 11:44; which is impossible on the flat earth model.

flat earth debunked airline flight aukland chile

If someone is searching for the truth, they can find it; but flat earthers can’t admit one bit of evidence, as it might shatter their beliefs.

For more proofs that international plane flights in the southern hemisphere prove that the earth can’t be flat, click on Flights Prove The Flat Earth Deception

Hopefully this proof has helped Paul Raines and other flat earthers see some truth.  🙂

If not, keep posting about my website Paul, so that flat earthers can read the explanations and see the truth. 😛

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