Flat Earther Posts Two Sun Images, Says We Don’t Live On A Globe

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

On 12-19-17, Paul Raines shared this post to the Facebook group: The FLAT out TRUTH & no BALL face LIES.

flat earther explanation, two pictures of the sun, same day

So what does that prove?  He did not give the date, time and locations of the places from which the pictures were taken.

One picture is overexposed, so the circle of the sun is hidden by the glare.

Just another nonsensical meme from a flat earther, with no proof. Ugh!

Honestly, I think people like Paul Raines are trolls, who offer ridiculous explanations; to see who will like them, and to make flat earthers look bad.

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4 thoughts on “Flat Earther Posts Two Sun Images, Says We Don’t Live On A Globe”

  1. Hi David. So I know this isn’t about flat earth but you keep saying that the moon landing was faked. Could you please provide some proof? Because as far as I can see it was not faked, it would be impossible to fake in 1969. I am a open minded individual and I want the truth so if you provide some very solid proof that would be great. I want to see the other side of the story.

    • Hi Marko, you can search ‘fake moon landing’ on YouTube/Google to find articles, photos, and videos; which show why people say that they did not land on the moon, and that the photos were taken on a movie set.

      • I have watched alot of videos from both sides and so far in leaning twords the “it was real” side. It would be impossible to fake it with the technology they had. You have very smart reasoning for the flat Earth deception and I wanted to know if you had strong opinions about the “faked” landing.

        • I’m not the expert of lunar modules and what it would take to make it land on the moon, and then take off from the moon, and land back on Earth. But to me the lunar module looks cheap and fake, and not big enough to carry two men and their equipment.

          When you realize that the Mars rover photos are fake, as people have taken pictures from earthly locations, which match the supposed Mars landscape pictures exactly.

          When you realize that those astronauts did not die during the Challenger shuttle explosion, as people have documented that they are still alive; you realize that much of what NASA does in regard to space missions is fake.

          And that makes me lean towards the lunar landing being fake as well.

          But that in itself does not prove that the earth is flat, just that NASA deceives people about what it really does with all of that money.

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