Flat Earther Paul Raines Deceives People About The Size Of The Sun

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

On 01-17-18, Paul Raines shared this post to the Facebook group: The FLAT out TRUTH & no BALL face LIES.

Flat earther Paul Raines Facebook post on sun shrinking in size

Any genuine person who is trying to prove that the earth is flat, and is wanting to show the true size of the sun through hazy clouds; knows that they need to use a solar filter, which allows us to see the distinct edges of the sun.

Obviously a solar filter was not used on the images that Paul Raines posted, because the distinct outline of the sun is lost due to sun flare in the hazy sky.

What really stands out is that there is no way that the sun changed that much in size so quickly.

Looking at the left image, if the sun is that close to horizon, it will be below the horizon in less than 30 minutes.

Are we supposed to believe that the sun changed that much in size in 30 minutes?  Sorry, that’s not possible.

If it did actually did change that much in 30 minutes, think about how enormous it would have appeared five hours earlier at midday. 😛

If you look at the red line that I put across the image, you see that the bottom of the flared sun did not move down.

But we know by watching sunsets, that the sun continually moves down as it sets, so that means that something was done to manipulate the images that Paul posted.

Flat earther Paul Raines Facebook post on sun shrinking in size

I can’t prove it with those small pictures, but it appears that the image on the left was taken with the camera zoomed in, to make the sun look bigger.  Then for the middle image they zoomed out, to make it look smaller.  Then for the right image they zoomed out more, to make it look really small.

That would account for the bottom of the sun not moving down, as the photos were taken in a short amount of time.

To prove the point that the sun stays the same size throughout the day, Wolfie6020 has taken pictures of the sun during the day, using a solar filter on his camera.

To prove the point that the sun stays the same size and moves continuously, here’s a time lapse video of the sun setting.

So once again we can clearly see that Paul Raines has misled people with a flawed explanation about the supposed flat earth.

Hopefully this proof has helped Paul Raines and other flat earthers see some truth.  🙂

If not, keep posting about my website Paul, so that flat earthers can read the explanations and see the truth. 😛

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