Nathan Roberts ‘Globers help PROVE FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay, thank you’ Video Debunked!

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine posted a video called ‘Globers help PROVE FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay, thank you’.

It’s an update to his previous video, as people pointed out that he neglected to account for the elevation of the building; like I did on my Nathan Roberts Nikon P1000 PROVES FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay Video Debunked post.

He used Google Earth, which is ironic as it’s based on a globe earth. 😛

He used the elevation finder feature, but could not validate the elevation of the top of the metal the towers on the building.

Professional reviews of the tool says that the elevation terrain is not very accurate. This is why the licensing terms say that it should not be used as any sort of replacement for surveying or professional use.

It’s great for rough estimates, but it’s not a good tool for proving out the shape of the earth, when you want precise numbers.

Then he used the Google Earth elevation tool on the curved panels on top of the building and says that the top is at 223 feet. But since that tool is not accurate for surveying, so we can’t trust that number.

But Nathan doesn’t need to find these elevations, as it’s height of the building is clearly given on Wikipedia and other sources. It’s 325 feet tall like he said in his first video.  So the trisection of the building that he made in the previous video was accurate.

Nathan Roberts Nikon P1000 PROVES FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay Video Debunked

And we know that the elevation of the building foundation is 10 feet per the Free Map Tools Elevation Finder, so the elevation of the top of the building is 335 feet.

In this video Nathan used false numbers to make it seem like his explanation works. But using a sketch elevation estimate tool and subtracting 13 feet from the hidden elevation number is either ignorant or dishonest.

The bottom line is that four floors of the building are missing in his video, and we can’t see the double-stack highway overpass which is in front of the building. The yellow-marked part of the building, the first four levels are not in Nathans video.

Once again, in this video Nathan proclaims that the reason that we can’t see the entire bottom of the building is because of the law of perspective, and haze in the air.

The law of perspective would not cause the bottom of the building to be hidden, as there’s nothing to block our view on the flat earth model. You can’t see the bottom few floors because of the curvature of the earth, not because of the law of perspective. That’s ridiculous!

We can clearly see the top of the water and where it matches up to the building, so though haze made the building a bit blurry, it didn’t hide any of the building. Just another lame excuse!

Those are just excuses because he didn’t get the result that he wanted.

He says that Globers focus on what they can’t see. That’s the whole point of making a proof like this, to look for what’s missing.  If none of the building is missing, the earth is flat.  But we can clearly see that the bottom four floors are missing, which proves that the earth is curved!

This is not rocket science! pun intended! 😛

In my previous video, I accounted for 60 feet of missing bottom four floors of the building and we know that the building sits at 10 feet above the water level; which adds up to 70 feet. 

Using the earth curvature formula with refraction adjustment which says that 69 feet should be missing, so we’re right on target, proving that the earth is curved.

Even if we use Nathan’s 83 feet number, we can confirm 70 feet are missing from his photo. There’s absolutely no reason why a Nikon P1000 camera would not be able to see the whole building, if the earth was flat.

Some comments on the ‘Globers help PROVE FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay, thank you’ video page include:

USA 300 Veterans said: It is not possible to see the bottom floors from this angle because of the vehicle ramp in front of the Municipal Building. This might be confusing some people. There is still no curve detectable.

If the earth was flat, then we would be see the highway overpass; but we don’t, because it’s hidden by the curve of the earth!

After reading Nathan’s explanations and the comments on his videos, I totally understand why they’re flat earthers.

Read Nathan Roberts Nikon P1000 PROVES FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay Video Debunked to see why Nathan Roberts explanation is wrong, and it actually proves that the earth is curved.

Nathan also handles Scriptures is a negligent manner, taking verses out of context, to proclaim that the Bible says that the earth is flat with a dome over it. Then he has the audacity to condemn me, because I believe that the earth is globe. Read Flat Earther Nathan Roberts of DEBUNKED!