Flat Earthers Proclaim That Gravity Doesn’t Exist

This Flat Earth Deception post features explanations from flat earthers about what is gravity?

Flat earthers proclaim that gravity doesn’t exist, and that it is made up.

Then they mock that gravity holds the oceans to the globe earth in the Southern Hemisphere, which is supposedly upside down according to them.

Obviously there is a force which draws objects downward, toward the Earth.  Call it whatever you want. Say that it is based on density and buoyancy, but it is still a force that can explain why objects stay on the globe earth.

Below is a discussion on the Flat Earthers for Christ Facebook group, which show their ignorance, and outright mocking spirit, which isn’t very Christ-like.

I bolded the goofiest and rudest answers

Erik Spange‎ asked, What is gravity in your opinion?

Mark Edwards Nothing. It’s a unproven theory on any version of the map

Anders Kohler Its all about density.

Babette Osborne-deJong Non existent….

Larisa Elena Another lie, obviously.

Mike N Regina UnProven thats what it is.

Donald R Shartzer Jr I am torn between electromagnetism and density/buoyancy. Gravity was simply an early understanding of the observed behavior of these principles it did nothing to examine the internal mechanics.

Erik Spange But why does thing fall down if not for gravity?

Erik Spange I cant figure out why things fall down if there is no force pulling things down…

Mikjáll Hannes Zuntag really. is it so hard to fathom? oh, wait, are you tripping on drugs right now ? because yeah, wind and the basic functions of reality, like that downward movement most things are subject to… can be some really scary and freaky shit when on some nice hallucinagens.

Erik Spange You do know flat earth hypothesis is like banging yourself in the head with a shovel while screaming “THERE ARE NO SHOWELS”?

Erik Spange flat earth hypothesis is not only stupid, it’s probably a mental disorder…

Mikjáll Hannes Zuntag yes, can i buy a showel please chuck ? i’ll take the vowel Y. because Y are everyone so so ?

mental disorder ? from the guy who asked everyone to explain gravity to him ?

Mikjáll Hannes Zuntag what goes up must come down. its not rocket science.

Erik Spange If it was only you that thought this, then ok. But you can vote and thats when things turn nasty.

Mikjáll Hannes Zuntag you can vote – im more about change

Erik Spange Gravity is like oxygene, its there and it exist

Mikjáll Hannes Zuntag and yes we are many and growing faster than you can fathom

Mikjáll Hannes Zuntag you need gravity to breathe ? come on erik, there are other people watching and reading. you dont want to look foolish

Mikjáll Hannes Zuntag try believing in God for once and not in imaginary concoctions

Jason Hudson posted this meme

GRavity - the imaginary force, that holds all their lied togehter

Erik Spange Luckily not, Atheism is growing. You are just a few sorry asses feeling sorry for yourself claiming everybody is out to take your god away. Truth is that there is no god, we are all responsible for our own actions.

Juliette Yvonne A lie made up by the devils

Mark Edwards Umm are you thinking of Neil D Tyson microphone demonstration

Juliette Yvonne 😂😂 i think he does…lol

Erik Spange No, just that whenever something drops then it falls in a straight line down. If there was no force pulling objects downward, then why is stuff falling down an not to the right or slightly upwards…

Graycee Lin A helium balloon does not fall. It floats. Why? Because helium is not as dense as the air. Everything else, even a feather is more dense than air. A feather will fall, but a brick will fall faster because it is more dense than a feather.

Let’s talk b…See More

Laura Farrell because those things have more density than air. try dropping a helium balloon and see how gravity pans out 😉

Laura Farrell LOL Graycee Great minds think alike

Jaron White It still doesn’t explain why denser things fall as opposed to rise. If you look at buoyancy equations, they still include gravity. If you’ve been on a boat before chances are that boat had to factor gravity into it’s design.

Ro Ber Jaron White No – that is not true. Denser things fall because their molecules are closer together and more compact in structure – in density – therefore they weigh more too. Therefore the surrounding air or whatever the fluid medium is, cannot support the weight of it – plain and simple. Ever try lifting a heavy iron anvil?? Or a car or motorbike or a rock?? It’s much heavier than the air – and it’s too much for your muscles as well – so which way does it fall? Does it fall sideways?? WHY SHOULD IT FALL SIDEWAYS??

Don’t tell me that it would fall sideways if it weren’t for “Gravity”… !! LOL.

Just in terms of it’s density alone – why should a more dense thing fall sideways or upwards?? It is DENSER not lighter – if it’s lighter then it makes sense that it will rise upwards. If it’s heavier then it makes sense that it will fall downwards. So the heaviest things always end up at the bottom of the reality and the lightest things at the top. That’s ok – what’s wrong with that? Creator God designed it that way. Rocks at the bottom, light gases at the top. Hell down below, Heaven above.

Gravity does not play any necessary part in any scientific formulas for rising and falling – bouyancy or density. Nothing.

Jaron White It wouldn’t necessary fall sideways. If you’re looking at an isolated system (such as an object and a high density fluid within a container) a lack of gravity would push the less dense object to which ever side of the container is closest

Ro Ber Jaron White A lack of gravity would mean that the object will rise or fall according to it’s density relative to the fluid medium density. Period. There no issue about “off to the side”. Without gravity (which is how reality is) objects in fluid medium…See More

Jaron White You still can’t explain though why all less dense things go “up” as opposed to another direction. If what you’re saying is true, the less-dense material should always take the path of least resistance to reach equilibrium. You need to explain why “up” is the consistent direction of least resistance for objects in a dense fluid

Ro Ber Jaron White On the contrary – the explanation is the simplest and most obvious thing imaginable! Lol. What is the path of least resistance for a thing that is lighter than its environmental medium (say, air)?? Sideways at an angle – or straight up?? An…See More

Mark Edwards You are not for real. Can I respectfully suggest you do some research and come back with a more structured request. Take note we are only humble persons not a paid textbook. Love and peace

James Estes A lie…

Erik Spange How can it be a lie?

Juliette Yvonne It is. Eric do some serious research.

Ro Ber Erik Spange It’s a lie if nobody can come up with a plausible, provable theory to explain HOW IT WORKS. That would be a good definition of “a lie” wouldn’t it?? Or “wrong theory” or “false belief” or whatever you want to call it.

Susan Martin You make it too complicated. It falls because it’s heavy. That’s it.

Erik Spange But without gravity, nothing has weight??

Anders Kohler Gravity is supposed to be a force … while density is passive.
Have nothing to do with each other .. even if gravity existed. 😉

Mikjáll Hannes Zuntag gravity is… ….. a …. word….. nothing else. nothing more. (mic drop)

Juliette Yvonne Who said so?? NASA??? 😂😂😂

Density, buoyancy, and electromagnetism all observable metrics…gravity is a freemasonic fable that holds all their lies together. A force considered a constant yet strong enough to control tides yet can’t pull a butterfly down or stop grass from growing…

Gravity - Explain this meme

Juliette Yvonne If it can hold the oceans down nothing would be able to fly up. No birds, airplanes, all boats would sink etc. THINK MAN!!

Nikki Wilkins A lie.

Salena Vipperman-Mason Fake

Lisa Seim George a big lie. The heavier than air you are, the faster you fall. If you are lighter than air, like helium, you rise…..

Anders Kohler Easy as that .. end of story.. case closed.. period! 🙂

Thorton Bradshaw think bouyancy mass

Bridget Santone Another lie to cover up a lie

Ranick Cameron There is no such thing as light, if there is no dark.
Now, what is gravity? Without an opposing force there can be no gravity.

Victor Inclan It kinda doesn’t really matter.God will keep things down to the ground bc that’s where they belong .

Marcus Gomez the brown stuff in my gravy

Anim Mensah Hahaha

Choi Cruz Unproven!!! New term is density and buoyancy,,,

Casey Dierkhising It’s all about density and buoyancy

Jaron White Buoyancy requires gravity, see the equations

Pamela Allen It is when something is heavier than air and falls to the ground BECAUSE it is heavier than air!

Allyshia May Berger A fairy tale.

Nick Jenkins Fake

Anim Mensah Gravity is when you throw yourself up and comes down. But a balloon 🎈 or an airplane ✈ could go up ☝ up at will…. Till it comes down at will.

Jeffrey Reygers Gravity is amazing! Strong enough to hold huge ships on the bottom of the ball from flying off into outerspace. Yet it is so gentle that little butterflies can flutter around. Gravity is magic!

Elisheva Aberegg Never thought of that!

Rich Law A theory

Ante Perkovic Density

Ismael Lopez Lara Magnetism

Gazza Dashnak Erik Spange gravity is an unproven THEORY necessary for their agenda that conveniently supports their other THEORIES like big bang, heliocentric, evolution etc..

Mikjáll Hannes Zuntag something to explain some serious shit going down….. as in “you gotta understand the gravity of the situation..”

basically it is a word that evokes particular child-hood memories and therefore an effective literary device to confuse your logos, pathos, and ethos all together like good-old fashioned jumbalaya.

Mark Edwards Just choked on my coffee. Mikjall that was spectacular

Fernando Johnson Gravity is a deceptive, satanic replacement of natural buoyancy. It’s purpose is to hide God and support the demonic agenda of a global view and initiative.

Roger Cepelik A concoction of words to describe a phenomenon in theoretically educated verse to blind the masses of the truth

Ranick Cameron Love it, concoction of words. Perfect, I call it a circle drive of gibberish.

TomDarlene Schreiber I like that the 2nd definition from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary uses the word “philosophy”.

Justin Abarquez Juaman An opinion😂

Thelast Shadowrider Torukmakto Gravity is big mac

Jason Drew A word

Lindsey Coon posted this mocking picture

Sponge Bob gravity meme

James Walcott Best one yet 😂😂😂

Merle Ewing A movie wth Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

James Walcott 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kevin Wagner it has to do with weight-not gravity-gravity is a non-word and issue.

Sara Klein Then why can we get to anti-gravity? (Honestly asking)

David Mallam Its anti magnetic field i guess, i mean ufos by the government. seem to hover suggesting the government know how to have a anti magnetic field, probbaly from nikola tesla

Wende D. Andrew A smile on a dog.

Jean Johnson Hoefling Brian Mullin has a good video challenging Newtonian physics.

LeeSummer Williams Density and buoyancy.

LeeSummer Williams There is only one ‘up’.
No automatic alt text available.

Kay Williams Smith Nonsense

Joey D Falcon The opposite of space – outside of confinement. A controlled atmospheric reality.

Earla Pankiewicz a lie

Natalie Lifson a false theory propagated by NASA so they can steal US government funding

ChaYah Shalom Density

David A. Fryling Gravity is a WORD invented to explain away a phenomenon which would be utterly impossible on a globe earth.

Mikaela Duncan A theory, an invisible thing science believes but thinks it funny to believe in an invisible God

Markus Jones A lie

Heather Padgett Made up

Joe Galian Gravity is the glue of water on a global earth.

Stephanie Krywicki An uneducated guess!!!

Betty Jean Marino Bad mathematics. Gravity depends on a closed-loop mathematics system which defies nature. We can’t divide by zero? Hahaha! Says who? Graph two sets of coordinates: one dividing by one, the other dividing by negative one. Now try to mathematically defen…See More

Jaron White Wait… explain that more, I want to understand what you’re trying to say

Ranick Cameron Negative, if something is absent, is it there?

Melissa Jayne My highly scientific mind says: things go up therefore they must come back down.. 😂

Paula Gossett An unsubstantiated hypothesis.

Susan Sonterre No such thing as gravity it is weight and buoyancy

Robert Freeman Gravity= Fairy Dust

The Bottom Line is that density and buoyancy can explain how water, and other objects, stays on the globe earth; so all of their mocking is in vain.

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3 thoughts on “Flat Earthers Proclaim That Gravity Doesn’t Exist”

  1. Well, as I have stated in a previous post, as an investigator, not completely sold on either claim due to the issues, Gravity doesnt simply hold an object down, you must include the spin factor which creates the OUTWARD centrifugal force that creates a tug of war so to speak on every thing, including the water, dirt, rocks, etc.
    My previous post detailed a simple experiment, that perfectly reveals that denser items require more gravity to keep them on the earth, and somehow gravity has to “know” the molecular density, sometimes in a millisecond!

    I am ok with this, but science really cant explain this! So If I go with the belief the earth is a Globe, then gravity-is God holding everything together. 😉 Im ok with that! lol

    • The crazy part is that flat earthers deny gravity, saying that it is a made-up concept; but obviously there are many forces/variables at work to cause things to move down toward the Earth, which flat-earthers are unable to explain. By dismissing gravity, flat earthers are dismissing the designs of their Creator.

      • In one theorhetical experiment, the earth is a globe, and gravity holds everything down, but not just down TOGETHER. For simplicity I wont require gravity to know the density of items. lol’
        Suddenly for purposes of this experiment, gravity completely is shut off like a light switch..

        How long do you propose it would take for the earth to self destruct by spinning apart? At our current spin rate, I would (wildly suggest) something inside of 5 days. After all, the outward centrifugal force would literally rip the layers of the earth off since there would be nothing holding it all together. Wild experiment huh?

        My point is centrifugal force pulls one way..away from the earth..gravity pulls the opposite..right? Or does centrifugal force not exist? Nice additional factor to ponder….lol

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