Flat Earthers Mount Rushmore Giant Tree?

This Flat Earth Deception post features a Facebook post about Mount Rushmore in the Facebook  Flat Earthers in Christ group.

Nate James‎ posed the following questions about Mount Rushmore in the Facebook  Flat Earthers in Christ group.

What do you guys know about mount Rushmore? Anything? Seems the mountain was renamed after the lawyer from New York who bought it. Why did they deface the stone? Were they trying to hide something here? Like maybe another prehistoric fossilized tree?

I have been doing a little poking around here. Does anyone know anything about this site? It seems very occult in its layout and design… If you look at the base of mount rushmore its covered in the left over rubble from the carving but to the left looks like the stump of a tree.

Every year the elite gather in the redwoods of califonia bohemian grove to worship moloch. Could moloch have lived in one of these trees and that’s why they cut them down?

Nate James‎ posed this question about Mount Rushmore in the Facebook Flat Earthers in Christ group.

Wow!  Talk about making everything into a flat earth conspiracy theory!

It a mountain that is made of stone, as evidenced by the many stones that were dynamited and chiseled off of the face of the mount.

If the hill was actually the stump of a giant tree, they would not have been able to make the faces, and the wood on the inside would have been revealed.

This truly shows the nature of some flat earthers, that because there are so many deceptions in this world, they think that everything is suspect.

Thankfully, not many flat earthers in that Facebook group agreed with his explanation. 🙂

Sadly, the enemy’s Flat Earth Deception is very successful! 🙁



6 thoughts on “Flat Earthers Mount Rushmore Giant Tree?”

  1. Mount Rushmore is not relevant to any globe or flat issue…lol

    For the record, aside from GPS, there is no way to measure curve on dry ground, except on a very long scale. All measurements must come from sea level. Now is that sea level at high tide or low tide? LOL

  2. Hmmmmm…Christ Jesus gave 2 Commandments..Sooooo is it possible for you to treat “Flat Earthers” as you wish to be treated? Maybe treat them with love, as in love your enemies….Or is that asking too much? Are you a Christian? You dont have to answer David….food for thought. If your a Christian..if not then you have my apologies.

      • It doesn’t take much to see the Condescending attitude you have towards people chthat you have alienated/grouped as “flat earthers” They may be lost, but they are just people with opinions and ideas different than yours or mine. Do they see these comments or are they secret behind their back comments as I suspect they are?
        if i am wrong again I apoligize. You do seem overly harsh in your criticism of them. The issues should be attacked not the people.
        I am still waiting for all my other comments to be moderated, viewed or commented on. curious if they ever will be? As I have said, if you would moderate the other posts, I am looking at both sides wide open and have a vast amount of experience around the world flat or globe I speak truth for I choose not to disrespect my God or my savior.

        • Just because I disagree with flat earthers doesn’t mean I think that I’m better than they are. Some of their points about the geocentric nature of Earth seem valid, as I have already conceded. I just merely point out that some of their explanations are plain goofy.

          The irony of your comment is that the Flat Earthers for Christ and the Biblical Flat Earth Truth groups on Facebook can be very condescending towards globeheads. And they mock the explanations of people who believe in the globe earth.

          There you go again with accusations. The comments are available for all to see, I say nothing behind their back. I made this website because I care about them, and I want them to seek truth, not a belief.

          I’ll have to check for previous comments from you, I thought I addressed them all.

          I’m a follower of the Messiah of the Scriptures, though I don’t call myself a Christian, as too many evil things have been done in that name. I am a Messianite, a Nazarene.

          If you want real truth, check out my Come Out Of Her website http://comeoutofher.org

          • I suggest you re-read–I made only one accusation about your comments, not you. The second was actually a question lol ..please do not twist or convolute what I say.
            There is NO irony to my comment, and what anyone else says is not relevant. Just because someone mocks you, does not make your mocking ok, as you seem to justify by bringing what flat earthers say about those who believe in a globe.

            However, since you assert you are a keeper of “real truth” I am curious last I checked there is only one who can make that claim….and it be true…I highly doubt its you (or me) ))

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