Flat Earth PSYOP Causing Flat Earthers To Lose Credibility With Family And Friends

This Flat Earth Deception post is about how this PSYOP causes flat earthers to be rejected by their family and friends, and lose credibility about any truth.

I saw this meme on a Facebook group called ‘Flat Earthers For Christ’, and it rang true.

Teaching flat earth PSYOP causes people to reject flat earthers about their witness about anything

The flat earth PSYOP is designed to cause truthers to lose credibility with family and friends, so that they won’t listen to them about anything.

Flat Earthers think that it’s a badge of honor, like they are some special group of people, who have eyes to see that the Earth is flat.

Sadly, many flat earthers know truth about prophecy fulfillment, about the Hebrew names of the Father and Messiah, about the holy feast days, about the pagan-based Christmas and Easter, about the Jesuits and Rothchilds, etc.

But they are so insistent about convincing everyone that the Earth is flat, that people reject them and avoid them.

I’ve lost friends reject me and block me on Facebook, because I don’t agree that the Earth is flat.  Seriously!?!  There are more important issues at play in these end times!

Like where we are on the Revelation Fulfillment Timeline, and what will happen next as we await Messiah’s return.

Sadly, the enemy’s Flat Earth Deception is very successful! 🙁