Flat Earthers Proclaim Sun Set Reflection Not Possible On Globe Earth

This Flat Earth Deception post an image and statement about the reflection of the sun, from a flat earther on Facebook.

A flat earther posting this image and proclaimed, “Not possible on a ball. Period!!!”

Sun reflection on water not possible of globe earth

First of all the globe Earth is big enough that it seems flat over the span of a few miles, so the sun can reflect off of it over those few miles.

But the real problem with this explanation is that the sun is setting and it’s the same size as it was all across the sky during the day.

On the flat earth, the sun would just grow smaller in the distance, into a small dot and then disappear; but it doesn’t do that!

On the globe earth it stays the same size and it drops down beyond the horizon on the curved earth.

The other major problem with the flat earth model is that the sun would not be visible all day as it transits from the eastern sunrise to the western sunset.

Six hours after it rose it should be directly overhead of you, but on the flat earth it would be 1/4th the way around the earth.

And at sundown, the sun would have moved to the other side of the earth, so that you could not see it set.

Some of the explanations from flat earthers show the lack of discernment by most of them. They just agree with anything that supports their beliefs.

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