Explanations For Meteor Shows On The Flat Earth

This Flat Earth Deception post features answers to the question, “how are these meteor showers explained on the flat earth?”

The topic was the Perseid meteor shower which reached its peak overnight on Aug. 11 and 12, as Earth passed through the long trail left by Comet Swift-Tuttle.

Here are the most comical answers:

Maybe the time for the “skin” of the firmament to replenish its self. Falling fermament?

The best theory that I can guess at would be that they are stars and they are directed to “shoot” through the firmament on their appointed time.

The Bible says they’re angels. Maybe falling stars are literally new souls coming down to be reborn……

We live under a dome…so nothing can possibly get in like nothing can get out….sun, moon and stars with the firmament… there are portals in heaven also – check out the book of enock you will learn more..

Look space is fake but theres still visible things above the dome this is why they still have a ton of telescopes. So they can still perdict meteors and eclipses we are just not previe to the information

Theres a dome between earth and the 2nd heaven with the stars sun and moon then theres another one between the 2nd heaven and Gods throne

Hologramed I observe 200 meters in 4 hours and it looked extremely fake some even appeared to hit the ground and there were no explosions

I was thinking project blue beam..holograms

It could be an electrical phenomenon and they found a way to predict it like clock work… idk just a thought

Maybe just the same way they would do on a screen saver.. If everything is electric signals, maybe that’s all it is and maybe God made a set time for them to happen, let there be lights in the firmament and let them be for days and seasons, that whole passage seems to explain that part of it but I think just the same way we would make it on a computer.

Maybe a flake of firmament falling off like skin refreshing its self.

I’ve seen a pretty interesting video about condensation building up on the Dome like it would if you had an ecosystem in a jar and after so much condensation build up it rolls down the side and reflects light but who knows.

I’ve heard that they are water droplets sliding down the dome but look like stars BC they’re reflecting light

Yeah these meteor showers or Faked by the Fallen either God for the stones down through the sky or the fact it’s only one or two but he just not do it very often I’ve observed them looking very thick 2 and 300 go by 4 hours believe me I know.

Wow!  That’s some crazy explanations!  Or it could be that the earth is a globe and there is no dome, and the meteor showers are just part of our amazing universe! 😛

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