Flat Earther Video Taken From Plane Of Flat Earth Sun

by David on October 26, 2016

This Flat Earth Deception is about a video that was taken from a plane that supposedly shows the flat earth sun

The video shows a plane flying at 28,000 feet and the sun is supposedly so low that it is below the plane.

Um, okay. What happened to the sun being 3,000 miles above the earth?

It amazes me that their flat earth poof video actual proves the globe earth.

The only way that the sun can appear below 28,000 feet (which is about 5 miles up) is if the distant sun is rising in the morning or setting in the evening, as the flat earth sun cannot be that low.

The sun doesn’t rise or set on the supposed flat earth, it just circles overhead; so there is no way to explain the sun being that low on the flat earth model.

Here is a still image of the supposed flat earth sun below the plane.

Flat earth sun video from plane

Flat earthers are marveling at this video, which shows me how undiscerning they are.

How can they think that the flat earth sun is that low?

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