Flat Earth Airplane Attitude Indicator Meme

by David on January 26, 2017

This Flat Earth Deception post features another nonsensical flat earth meme about why the name airplane was chosen.

Seriously, this is one of the many reasons that I reject the flat earth theory; because these people look for every goofy explanation to justify their belief.

Flat earth meme - if flies through the Air over a Plane, what shall we call it?

The obvious point is that a completely flat earth would be a plain, not a plane.  But the earth is not a plain, as it has high mountains, so the meme makes no sense.

Plain means ‘an area of land not significantly higher than adjacent areas and with relatively minor differences in elevation, commonly less than 500 feet (150 meters), within the area.’

They show an airplane that is obviously pulling up and gaining altitude, so it’s attitude is nose up; but the attitude indicator that they put in the meme is level.  Um, okay.

Seriously, these people are not scientific, they don’t know anything about planes, and they proclaim that they have proof that the earth is flat.

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