Flat Earther Explanation About Nile River Flowing Uphill

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In the Official Flat Earth vs Globe Earth Biblical Discussion Facebook group, BJ Painter posted this gem:

In the Official Flat Earth vs Globe Earth Biblical Discussion Facebook group, BJ Painter posted this gem about nile flowing north on globe earthHere we have the Nile river, It originates in Burundi which is SOUTH of the Equator, yet the nile flows NORTH up 👆 a Globe ???

Not a lot to say about that one, Right ?

(His premise is idiotic, as ‘North’ on the globe earth is not ‘up’. The Nile river is flowing downhill, moving from a high elevation to sea level.  Simple as that!)

(Then, he proceeds to mock and attack people before they’ve even commented. The irony of course is that his spelling and his explanation sucks.)

Im sure the Trolls will say I am stupid for possibly mispelling or a word, Or maybe I have a stupid looking Dog so this info must be wrong. Dont listen to me just keep eating POTATO chips and watching Netflix.

If you want to discuss this with me then feel free to come with an experiment of you showing loads of water moving up a hill. If you can not show me proof by recreating this scenario I will not take you seriously.

Science is about testing the environment so that we all can understand our world in truth. When you fight me with your foolish ad hominem attacks you suppress truth and hurt everyone. Be a real man and use your brain !!

I know thats a real challenge but let’s see who can do it !! Check your motive at the door and take life seriously. I welcome any legitamate arguments.

Foolishness will be ignored !!!!! You can say he won’t answer me and cry all day BUT If its not about the nile going uphill you can miss me with it.

Thank goodness that some Official Flat Earth vs Globe Earth Biblical Discussion members have common sense:

Rodney Phillips replied with, “My friend, there is a aspect of geography called elevation, would suggest one look it up.”

Daniel Hurd replied with, “North does not mean up. North means north. Up is up. The Nile is not flowing up a globe. It is flowing downhill from its source. I have witnessed a ton of rivers that flow north, but they all flow downhill. Showing great evidence of gravity.”

This is yet another demonstration of why I am not a flat earther.  They can’t even comprehend that the Nile river flows North because the water is moving from high elevation to sea level.  

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