Flat Earth Admiral How the sun works over Antarctica Video

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ANTARCTIVA UPDATE!! How the sun works over Antarctica on a Flat Earth 24 hr daylight By Flat Earth Admiral.

He can’t even spell Antarctica correctly, which is a bad sign.

Watch the man who is interviewed, starting @ the 35 second mark, and see if you want to believe his claims over the many scientists who prove otherwise.

He proclaims that:

  • The sun is hollow, and that there’s nothing inside of it, just surface.
  • It’s well understood that there is no fusion in the sun, and that there’s no burning of anything.
  • The sun is a transformer from some other dimension, from counter space. It’s a converter, which creates light.
  • You can’t see the sun in free space, just from the Earth or moon.
  • There are no light years, because there isn’t any light.

Then the video proclaims that there may be two suns, which cause 24 hour daylight in Antarctica.

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