US ENCYCLOPEDIA: DOME At 13,000ft In Antarctica – Flat Earth Dome?

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

I posted my link to Biblical Proofs Of The Geocentric Globe Earth on Facebook, and a flat earther posted this video called ‘US ENCYCLOPEDIA: DOME At 13,000ft In Antarctica!!!’, proclaiming that it’s pointing to the glass dome over the flat earth.

How can people watch this video and skip over the image of the continent of Antarctica at the 58 second mark, which clearly is declaring that it’s not an ice wall on the flat earth?

How do they ignore the coordinates of the dome: latitude 80 degrees South, longitude 90 degrees East?

How do they not do a simply Google search of the peaks in Antarctica, to find out that it’s referring to the highest ice dome on the continent?

The ‘dome’ in that Encyclopedia is a ice dome, not a glass dome.

Dome A or Dome Argus is the loftiest ice dome on the Antarctic Plateau, located 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) inland. It is thought to be the coldest naturally occurring place on Earth; with temperatures believed to reach −90 °C (−130 °F) to −100 °C (−148 °F) or lower.[citation needed] It is the highest ice feature in Antarctica, consisting of an ice dome or eminence of 4,093 metres’ (13,428 ft) elevation above sea level. It is located near the center of East Antarctica, approximately midway between the enormous head of Lambert Glacier and the geographic South Pole, within the Australian claim.

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