SciManDan – Flat Earth Fudging at its Finest!! Video Exposes Nathan Roberts

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

The video description says “Hello all and welcome to another Flat Earth Friday. Today we are taking a look at the old book ripper himself, Nathan Roberts.”

Dan calls Nathan Roberts a “ripper” because he stood in a Target store and ripped the pages out of a book that explains the heliocentric globe earth; before paying for the book. Nathan was confronted by management for his ridiculous behavior, and the video has since been taken down.

Dan points out the same things as I did on my review of Nathan Roberts’ video. He forget to factor in the elevation of the building foundation, which is 10 feet. He used a earth curvature calculator that doesn’t factor in standard refraction, which we can obviously see in his video.

And we see that the bottom four floors of the building and the bridge that’s in the foreground of the building, are missing; proving that the earth is curved.

I commented on the video with “Well done Dan! The irony is that Nathan’s video proved that the earth is curved, yet he’s so blinded by the FE theory, that he can’t see it. I exposed his supposed proof video on this post. Nathan Roberts Nikon P1000 PROVES FLAT EARTH at Mobile Bay Video Debunked

Not only does Nathan Roberts get proofs wrong, but he mishandles the Word of Elohim, to proclaim that it says that the earth is flat with a dome over it.

I go through all 240 verses and prove out how badly Nathan abuses the Scriptures, and the irony is that some of his verses prove that the earth is a globe.

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