Nathan Roberts, Christian Flat Earth Author gets “VIOLENT” at Target!!!

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

The video description says: Flat Earth Doctrine Author Nathan Roberts gets a little violent with a children’s science book at a Target Store!

Note: the video has been removed by Nathan or YouTube.

I’m sorry, but ripping a book apart in the Target store, before you pay for it, is not socially acceptable behavior for anyone, let alone a Christian.

I wish they would have busted him before he went to pay for it.

God bless the cashier who had to put the ripped-out pages of the book in the bag.

I’m sure that he was the topic of their discussions when he left.

Do you think that his behavior caused them to search out the flat earth?

Or think that flat-earthers have lost their marbles?

The irony is that the author of the book made another sale, thanks to Nathan Roberts.

Perhaps he could defeat the evil globers by buying every book that promotes a globe earth model, and then tearing them up! 😛

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4 thoughts on “Nathan Roberts, Christian Flat Earth Author gets “VIOLENT” at Target!!!”

  1. Oh my, what crazy things are done in the name of Jesus! Even if the earth were flat, this is not what Jesus would have us to be doing. Shame on you Nathan Roberts!

  2. Wow, what a dope! I wish that Target security would have approached him while he was tearing the pages out of the book. Zealots like him make Christians look bad!

    • Yeah, I agree Alan! Ripping pages out of a book, in the store before paying for it, gives Christians a bad reputation. Sad story! 🙁

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