Nathan Roberts Polls FlatEarthDoctrine Facebook Group About SciManDan Debate

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts posted a poll to see if people in his FlatEarthDoctrine Facebook group thought that he should take SciManDan up on his offer, to debate flat earth vs. globe earth.

Nathan Roberts vs. SciManDan poll

Thankfully, the majority of people are saying yes, because I want to see this debate. Nathan Roberts, like Nathan Thompson, disregards the collective knowledge of the scientific community, and he makes up his own laws of physics.

The following demonstrates Nathan’s ability to debate. 😛

SciManDan Comment to Nathan Roberts - FlatEarthDoctrine

The irony is that SciManDan has a firm grasp on scientific explanations, and it’s Nathan Roberts who SUCKS at SCIENCE! It’s hard to prove the accepted laws of physics wrong, when you only understand them at a surface level.

Kind of like Nathan Roberts’ understanding of Scripture, which is at a surface level, for he abuses the Scriptures to make them seem to point to a flat earth with a dome over it.

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