Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine Flat Earth Lawsuit Video

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine posted a video titled ‘Man Sued for $15,000 over Flat Earth, and wins!”

Apparently Zen Garcia offered $15,000 to anyone who would offer two proofs that the earth is curved, and William Menke Thompson took him to court to collect, on Barrow County Georgia Case 2019-MV-1104.

Nathan says that the court ruled in favor that there is no discernible curvature over the earth.

They ruled that the plaintiff did not present sufficient evidence that there is curvature. There’s a world of difference between the two! Nathan skews everything as a proof that the earth is flat.

It’s like the O.J. Simpson case, where he was not found guilty of murdering his wife, but that doesn’t mean that he’s innocent.

Look at the content of William Menke Thompson’s two proof videos and you can see why he lost the case:

Earth is not Flat — First Proof

Earth is not Flat — Second Proof

The question is, could Zen Garcia prove that the earth is flat in court?

Anyway, it’s just more flat-earther shenanigans.

Read Flat Earther Nathan Roberts of DEBUNKED!

10 thoughts on “Nathan Roberts of FlatEarthDoctrine Flat Earth Lawsuit Video”

  1. david,

    Your observation of the sun is not evidence. Correlation isn’t causation. Many observations work on a sphere or flat earth. Look up “DITRH sun fade out” videos.

    After you watch that, try observing the idea that you’re spinning upwards of 1000mph depending where you live… and before you say “relative motion” and “we only feel acceleration… stand on an escalator, when you step on you might feel the pull or acceleration. As you stay you no longer feel that pull… THAT is relative momentum. Now run up or down the escalator as it moves. you’re faster with the motion, slower against it… now go out side, run east, run west. nothing. you don’t feel the spin of the earth no mater what you try, because it isn’t spinning. If it isn’t spinning, your observation is meaningless. If it can’t be backed up with a repeatable experiment, it isn’t science, it’s Scientism.

    fyi, “Flat Earth Society” is NOT what flat earth-ers believe… just incase you folks think it is.

    I also want to say that science is all about testing reality, that’s what is being done in the flat earth community. If your science bible and it’s priests are so sure, why are they fighting so hard to suppress peoples questions and experiments?

    • Try observing the home page and you see that I believe the earth is geocentric, so your rant about it spinning is without merit.

      As for the sun, it rises from below the horizon at full size and sets below the horizon at full size. It’s the same size all the way across the sky. If you can’t understand that proves that the earth is a globe, then more advanced explanations are beyond your comprehension.

      Do I cite the Flat Earth Society on this website? No!

      You say that the flat earth community is about testing reality, so explain how the sun and moon levitate above the flat earth. What scientific principles explain that?

      Explain how the sun is constantly changing speeds as it moves from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer, in order to complete exactly one revolution per day.

      • 1st, I didn’t realize by the flat bashing web page title you were geocentric… and that doesn’t mean my “rant” has no merit. now that I had a moment I looked at some if the stuff on the home page, it seems like lots of “you guys are wrong” but not much “here’s why”. And I did site a series of videos that do show how the sun doesn’t set and indeed gets smaller… you clearly didn’t look into it. You want to say I’m wrong and have no proof while ignoring the proof I submitted.

        If you really look, most flat earth people say, we haven’t found all the answers yet, that’s why we are asking, searching, and experimenting. Also, I only mentioned flat earth society as an aside just to dispel that group, not because you said anything in particular… just laying ground because it’s a common misconception.

        I’ll look more into the site here and see if I can find explanations from your model for what you expect me to know… I think if you actually looked into some serious “flat earth” people you’d find most say “I’m not saying I KNOW the shape, what we are saying under the banner of ‘flat earth’ is we are being lied to, and here are several things we observe that shows why we think that.”. you’re geocentric model might be even closer to the truth, that would be great!

        In short, you’re fighting the wrong group. Don’t tare down other thinkers, tare down the people who created and or spread the big lie and refuse to ask new questions or test old unproven theories.

        • * tear not tare. sorry.

          I also had a few other thoughts…

          the idea of 2 false arguments to blind the truth makes sense, but there are more than 2 theories, Tesla’s Electric Universe for example…

          and, realize that my quest for truth lead me here where I’m met with anger and bashing. I realize if you are right and couldn’t get the word out you might be frustrated… but you aren’t going to warm people to what you’re doing here by being unwelcoming.

          • You come here to tell me that my observation of the sun is not evidence. You wrongly accused me of believing that the earth is flying through space. Then you accused my supposed priests and Bible. Do you think that was a warm approach?

            I did not bash you and I did not respond in an angry way. I gave you answers and I asked you some questions, which you have not answered. Instead you come back and make more accusations.

            As for Tesla’s Electric Universe, Tesla was not proclaiming that the earth is not a globe. He was focusing on the energy, frequency and vibration of the universe around the globe earth.

        • Your rant was about the earth flying through space, which I don’t believe, so it was misplaced. You can’t even apologize for making a false accusation, instead you make more.

          You’re being hypocritical, because flat-earth websites consistently proclaim that globeheads are wrong and they mock them. My explanations show how the earth is curved, and they explain why. Just because you don’t understand them, doesn’t mean that they’re wrong. Sharing explanations that give a different viewpoint is not mocking people.

          Flat earthers may say that they don’t have all of the answers, but they boldly proclaim that the earth is flat with a dome over it. I’ve not seen a leader in the flat earth community proclaim that they don’t know the shape of the earth. Please provide names of these people.

          I’m not fighting the wrong group, because the earth is not flat. Once people see that, then they can research the geocentric globe earth model, which also points to a Creator.

          Obviously by believing that the earth is geocentric, I have not refused to ask new questions or test old unproven theories. Your accusations are without merit.

          • I really think this amounts to the classic; text being misunderstood. I came to this article about the flat earth court case on a search, all I knew about this site is the title and banner that smacks of a Heliocentrist. And while I was conciliatory about the mistake and looked into your site more, I didn’t expressly say the words I’m sorry. so I’m sorry for the assumption, and sorry for not saying I’m sorry.

            we could keep this up forever and it will never be fruitful. I sited documented evidence on an example of the sun getting smaller as it gets later in the day. Again, you can find that on DITRH you tube under sun fade out. DITRH is hosted by David Wisse, who also hosts the flat earth pod cast. So, he is very involved in the community, and I have heard him say numerous times “we don’t have all the answers, but we do know we aren’t on a spinning water ball flying through endless space.” I think you agree no?

          • Thanks for saying sorry. The videos from DITRH have no merit, as they’re taken when the setting sun is in hazy skies which causes solar flare, making it appear bigger than it really is. In his videos he either doesn’t use a solar filter, or he uses the wrong type of solar filter. He is either ignorant or a deceiver.

            The correct type blocks out everything from being seen except for the sun, and then you see that it does not change shape.

            On The Sun Proves The Flat Earth Deception page there is a video that shows the sun with and without the filter.

            Here’s a direct link to the short video

            I don’t believe that the earth is flying through endless space, I believe that the universe revolves around the globe earth, the Tychonic geocentric model.

  2. The Case Absolutely Proved the court did Not find evidence of a spherical Earth. Does this Prove Earth is Flat like a pancake has an ice wall or a dome? No, but it Proves there is No evidence of a spherical Earth that can be Proven by evidence in a court of Law. So shut up Globers, you Don’t have the Evidence!

    • That is false. It was not an investigation into whether the earth was flat or a globe. The court did not investigate anything. They simply said that the plaintiff did not provide enough evidence to prove it. I don’t know what William Menke Thompson said, but his failure to prove the curvature doesn’t mean that the earth is flat.

      It’s funny that you say that globers don’t have evidence, because every day the sun rises at full size from under the horizon, stays the same size all the way across the sky, and sets at the same size under the horizon; all of which proves that the earth is not flat.

      If there earth was flat, the sun would never go below the horizon line, because there’s nothing to go below as the earth is flat. It would appear as a small dot at sunrise, grow dramatically in size as it moves towards us, shrink in size at it moves away from us, and then disappear as a small dot above the horizon. But that’s not what we see.

      Case closed! 🙂

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