Nathan Roberts Globe vs. Flat Earth, Flat Earth Sun Doesn’t Work Properly

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

I watched the 07/07/19 debate between Nathan Roberts and MCToon. Here’s a link to my review of the debate: Nathan Roberts and MCToon flat earth debate, hosted by SciManDan

This post focuses on one of Nathan’s explanations, to break it down and expose his false teachings. My comments are in red.

When shown that the angles of the rising and setting sun do not work properly on the flat earth model, Nathan gave a nonsensical explanation that basically proclaimed that the flat earth map is not a real working model.

“The intention of the AE map is not to prove the motion of the sun. In fact, what it is intended to do is give a pictorial understanding, given that there is no accounted curvature to the earth, of what it would look like if it was laid out flat.”

The flat earth map absolutely proves how the sun would have to move, to go from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn. By that we can see where the sun would be on the equinox day, to determine if the angles of the sunrise and sunset work properly. 

“The operation of the sun is not dependent upon the earth being flat.”

If the earth were flat, then the sun is absolutely dependent on that model, as the sun can only rotate above the flat earth, not around the earth. The flat earth map shows how the sun would move from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer.

“So because the miles that you you’ve been given allegedly showing how the sun supposedly works over a flat earth are incorrect, does not invalidate the curvature of the earth, they’re completely independent of each other.”

MCToon did not say anything about miles, he used geometry to show the angles of where the sun would have to rise and set. Then he compared that to the actual angles of the sunrise and sunset, to prove that the flat earth model cannot work properly.

“For one to say that they know definitively how the sun operates without ever being there, going to it, its just a theory.”

So now we have to go to the sun to determine how it operates? LOL! The irony is that Nathan Robert is dismissing the validity of the sun moving over the flat earth map, proving that it’s an ill-conceived theory.

“All we can do is observe from our vantage point and take notes. But does that mean that we know exactly how it works? No it does not. But what we can be certain of is the ground below our feet, and that water always seeks its level.”

That’s exactly what MCToon was doing, observing where the sun would rise and set on the flat earth model; and then comparing that to what we observe.

Then Nathan points to the ground being below our feet, but he has no way to explain why we stay down on the ground. It’s not because of density, bouyancy or electromagnetism. And flat earthers deny gravity, as it’s based on the globe-earth model.

Then he makes the absurd statement that water always seeks its level, which proves nothing! What force causes water to seek to move to lower elevations? Density? No! Bouyancy? No! Electromagnetism? No! Do tell Nathan, why does water seek its level, what force causes that to happen?

Nathan had a flat earth map in the background during the debate, but then he basically stated that the map doesn’t prove the motion of the sun. It seems pretty clear how the sun would go around in circles, and based on that, we can determine the angles of where the sun would be at sunrise and sunset; and prove that the flat earth model does not work properly.

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