Nathan Roberts FEIC 2018 Billboard Meet Up

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

For the FE2018 flat earth conference, they paid for a large ad on a billboard near I-70 and the Amazon warehouse.

And they had a Meet-Up at the billboard, holding other banners, to try to help commuters on I-70 learn that the earth is a space-pizza!

A 65 minute video of people standing around talking about how flat the earth looks.  Good times!

All they had to do is notice that the sun is the same size from sunrise until it’s overhead; which is not possible on the flat earth, as it would appear as a small dot and appear to grow in size until it’s overhead.

But that would be too easy!  And I think that they like believing that they are a part of a special group, with secret knowledge.

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