Flat Earther Nathan Roberts Posts A Video Called Star Watching in Denver, Colorado

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts, who promotes the flat earth model, posted a video titled “Star Watching in Denver, Colorado”

He’s using a Nikon P900 camera, which is apparently flat earthers believe is the best camera to prove their case.

The camera is not designed to capture the faint light of a distant star, so it renders it as a pulsing shape.  The only thing this video proves is that Nathan is clueless about the capabilities of the P900 camera.

All he has to do is get access to a high-powered telescope and he can see the stars and planets in greater detail.

Here’s some interesting comments from the Nathan Roberts YouTube video:

Gregory Carter
Buys a $1000 camera. Can’t tell when it’s out of focus. Lock the focus at infinity and try again. Get an astronomer to show you what you are doing wrong. Get him/her to explain what an airy disk is. And while you’re at it, explain to them how the phases of the moon would look on a flat earth. And then compare and contrast that with observations that can made by anyone on any day anywhere around the world. I dare ya.

Jonathan Perrotta
Gregory Carter I dare you to stop looking to the sky to prove the earth is a sphere , how about a land basis experiment to measure the curve? I dare you to try, oh yea, you can’t

Gregory Carter
@Jonathan Perrotta Yes, actually I can. It’s been done many times in many ways. Stop believing in the fantasy space pizza. There’s simply no excuse for anyone living in the 21st century believing the earth is flat. But if you don’t understand why knowing how celestial objects appear in the sky at different places and times across the globe prove the earth is a sphere, then I’m afraid I can’t help you. Probably no one can.

Astronomy Proves The Flat Earth Deception

4 thoughts on “Flat Earther Nathan Roberts Posts A Video Called Star Watching in Denver, Colorado”

  1. Once again you forgot one element of the Nikon potential, the Stars are NOT light years away, they are very close that’s why we are able to capture such a close ups. What’s your excuse for the close ups of the Moon and Sun with the same camera? Case closed. I have extensive footage of both the Sun and the Moon and it doesn’t match any of the cartoon science we have been shoved down our throats since childhood.

    • Once again, you miss the point Philippe. A telescope can see the stars in more detail and they don’t look like pulsing orbs.

      If you use the P900 Nikon to look at the moon, you see how the sun is obviously illuminating it; because there are highlights and shadows on the ridges of the craters, which prove the external light source. Yet, many flat earthers proclaim that the moon illuminates itself. http://flatearthdeception.com/the-moon-proves-the-flat-earth-deception/

  2. Startrails proves the Earth is flat. You are forgetting that you have three motions going simultaneously, the Earth rotates at 1000 MPH while it moves through space at 66,000 MPH and the solar system also travels at 450,000 MPH. So sit back and watch the same star for ONE full hour and it will still be there from the same vintage point even six months from now when the sun is on the other side of the sun. Case closed.

    • Startrails disprove the flat earth. If the earth was flat, the only place where you could see a circular pattern of star trails, is at the north pole; as the stars are circling the north star, Polaris.

      Looking north from Denver, the circle of stars would appear elliptical.

      And people in the southern hemisphere can’t see the north star, yet they can look south and see the star trails. What star are those stars circling around?

      What you ignore is that on the flat earth model, the sun would have to be travelling at 1040 MPH during the spring and fall; reduce it’s speed to 771 MPH during the summer when it’s circling the Tropic of Cancer; and then speed up to 1,322 MPH during the winter when it’s circling the Tropic of Capricorn.

      Yet there is no scientific explanation for how the flat earth sun stays up in the sky, how it rotates around earth every day, how it changes the size of the circle as it moves from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn, and how it changes speed.

      Add to that, the sun appears along the ecliptic of the 12 constellations; but there is no scientific explanation for how the 12 constellations expand and contract to move from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn, and how it changes speed, independently of the sun.


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