Flat Wrong Video From Steve Gregg Of The Narrow Road

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

This post features a video called ‘Flat Wrong!’ by The Narrow Road.

Is there more to the Flat-Earth Theory than mere childish absurdity? Some Flat-Earthers seem to be pranksters just having foolish fun pulling people’s legs. But some seem actually to believe the Myth. And some claim to be Christians. What is their goal?

Are Flat-Earthers deceived, or are they phonies who are deliberately trying to make Christianity look foolish?

Steve Gregg, host of The Narrow Path radio program, answers a call from a man who claims to believe the earth is not a globe. Gregg deflates the caller’s argument, leaving it flat wrong.

Here’s a Bible study, that proves that the verses which flat earthers cite are taken out of context.

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