Adam Joseph Doughty What Not To Do To Flat Earthers Video

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Here’s a video from Adam Joseph Doughty called ‘What NOT to do when trying to help a Christian Flat Earther away from the Flat Earth Psyop.’

I think what he’s saying is to not teach flat earthers that the earth is geocentric, because it may reinforce their beliefs in the flat earth model.

I think that is a flawed approach, because the earth not spinning or flying through space, is half of the flat earthers argument; so when you can provide a different accounting of that, they can research the geocentric globe earth model.

Scripture points to a geocentric earth.  And science points to a geocentric globe earth.

It’s interesting to me, that I’ve commented on Adam Joseph Doughty’s YouTube videos, to share my findings about the geocentric globe earth; and he said that he would check them out, but I didn’t hear back from him.  That seems to imply that he doesn’t agree with my explanations.

It wasn’t until scientific probes produced data about the radiation of the expanding universe, and the orientation of the quasars and radio galaxies; that researches were able to see that all of those things were pointing back to Earth as the center of the universe.

These findings were published in a book titled ‘Geocentrism 101 – An Introduction into the  Science of  Geocentric Cosmology‘ in 2013, and then explained in a movie called The Principle in late 2014.

Then shortly afterward the flat earth theory was aggressively pushed on YouTube and Facebook, to try to cover over the evidence, and to cause people to dismiss anyone who teaches that the Earth is geocentric.

The enemy has created a false dichotomy, so that the debate is between the geocentric flat earth vs. the heliocentric globe earth; so that people don’t consider the third option, that of the geocentric globe earth.

It puts the Earth at the center of the universe, proving a Designer/Creator, and explains why stars perfectly circle the Earth; while maintaining the laws of physics of the globe earth and the surrounding elaborate universe, which is a precision time-piece.

Please read the geocentric Earth page, to see the scientific research that proves that we are at the center of the universe.

And then read how the Bible describes a geocentric globe earth, Biblical Proofs Of The Geocentric Globe Earth