Flat Earthers In Christ Facebook Meme About Astronauts On A Satellite

This Flat Earth Deception post features a Facebook post about a worker on a GWEN tower.

On the Flat Earthers in Christ Facebook group, someone posted this meme, which shows a worker on a GWEN tower, which they mock, proclaiming that it’s an astronaut working on a satellite.

Flat earthers don’t believe that astronauts have ever gone into space or that there are satellites.

Flat earthers for Christ Astronaut satellite meme

The sad irony of this flat earth meme, is that they don’t know how to spell satellite; which makes a statement about them.

And worse, they don’t understand that the picture is of a GWEN tower, which uses high voltage and very-low frequencies, to influence/control the minds of people around it.

And they can be used to control the weather, when combined with chemtrail spraying from airplanes.

So while flat earthers think that they are exposing some grand conspiracy, they are missing the truth about these towers.

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