Flat Earthers In Christ Facebook Moon Video Proves That It Is Illuminated By The Sun

This Flat Earth Deception post features a Facebook video featuring the world’s sharpest tele-lens.

On the Flat Earthers in Christ Facebook group, someone posted this video that is titled “World’s sharpest Tele lens! Moon, and a misterious flying object! 300x zooming in! 4K, UHD”

Frank Zieglar, who posted the video, replied to someone who said that it proves that the moon is illuminated by the sun, with: (my comments are in red)

1) the light source coming from the side at what appears to be around a 90 degree angle (because the moon is about half dark) wouldn’t light up either a sphere or a disc that way.

All you have to do is used a flashlight and a ball, to see that in fact it does light it up that way, especially on a surface that is designed to be illuminated.

2) the part that is lite up is equally as bright all the way across – shading doesn’t work like that

The huge, powerful sun is striking that half of the moon,; which causes it to be equally illuminated.  If the moon was a shiny ball, then you might expect more brightness on the side facing the sun.

3) most people assume that either the moon is reflecting light or that the moon is its own light source – I think it’s both

The irony is that the video clearly shows shadows in the craters, which proves that an external light source is illuminating it.

Shadows in moon craters prove that it is being illuminated by an external light source.

The moon as its own light source accounts the equality of light across the surface. Varying degrees of thickness would account for shade of light and dark. This does NOT mean another light (the sun) cannot shine on it as well. I think the sub does shine on the moon but nowhere near enough to “light it up”. The moon revives a little light from the sun possibly and this can cause some shadows. But there is no way for the moon to be lite this way as a reflector of the sun.

How would the moon only illuminate one side?  How would it create illuminated transitions from a crescent moon to a full moon?  Of course, they have no scientific explanations for these question.

Of course the answer is that the distant Sun is illuminating the moon, and as the moon appears further east from the sun in the sky, we can see more of the illuminated side of the moon; which causes the 14 day transition from a sliver crescent moon to a full moon.

A sphere would have a centralized point of light with shading from light to dark. I don’t think the moon is a sphere though. A disc would have even more trouble being lite like this as a reflector.

That picture also shows that toward the top and bottom of the moon, the round craters appear to have an elliptical appearance; proving that the moon is a curved surface, and is not flat.

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