Yachting Legend Jon Sanders Has Circumnavigated Antarctica Twice

This Flat Earth Deception post features the story of yachting legend Jon Sanders, who has circumnavigated the planet 9 times.

Yachting legend Jon Sanders was the first man to circumnavigate Antarctica, circling the continent twice in 1981 – 1982.

During the voyage, he passed south of the three great capes: Horn, Good Hope and Leeuwin, before rounding Cape Horn a second time. He turned north to Plymouth, UK and returning south around Good Hope and returning to Fremantle.

This voyage was recognized in the Guinness Book of Records through the following records:

  • The first single-handed sailor to remain continuously at sea twice around the world
  • First single-handed sailor to round the five southern most Capes twice on one voyage
  • First single-handed sailor to round the five southern most Capes twice
  • Longest distance continuously sailed by any yacht: 48,510 miles (78,070 km).
  • Longest period alone at sea during a continuous voyage: 419 days: 22 hours: 10 minutes

Yachting legend Jon Sanders and his faithful SV Perie Banou II are taking one last circumnavigation of the planet. He has done it 9 times before.

Jon Sanders is celebrated for a two-consecutive non-stop (SV Perie Banou) and then a three consecutive non-stop (SV Parry Endeavour), unassisted circumnavigations of the planet by yacht. His yacht SV Parry Endeavour is on display at the Fremantle Maritime Museum where it has pride-of-place next to the America’s Cup, winning Australia II.

Jon Sanders has achieved numerous sailing records, including:

The longest DISTANCE ever sailed continuously by any vessel unassisted and solo, 71,023 nautical miles

First-time single-handed (solo) sailing records to Jon Sanders include:

  • 5 x non-stop circumnavigations (the first in 1981-82 and the last in 1986-1987);
  • 5 x Cape Horn roundings (one east-west & four west-east);
  • 5 x Cape Horn roundings during non-stop circumnavigations;
  • 4 x roundings of the five southernmost capes;
  • 1 x circumnavigation using the east-west route;
  • 4 x circumnavigations using the west-east route;
  • Circumnavigate non-stop via Cape Horn west-about and east-about;
  • Skipper of small yacht (less than 15.5m) to complete 5x circumnavigations, crewed or single-handed; and
  • Yachtsman to complete x5 circumnavigations via Cape Horn, crewed or single-handed.

Since the year 2000, Jon has skippered a 44ft sloop from Sydney to Europe via the Red Sea and Suez Canal; including his 11th crossing of the Indian Ocean and fourth transit of the Suez Canal.

Other voyages and transits include:

  • Indian Ocean (14 times)
  • Atlantic Ocean (11 times)
  • Pacific Ocean (12 times)
  • Australian seaboard, west-to-east and east-to-west (45 times)
  • Cape Horn (5 times)
  • Cape of Good Hope (11 times)
  • Panama Canal (6 times)
  • Suez Canal (x4)

This proves that Antarctica is a continent that is capable of being circled.

Jon obviously knows how to navigate the Earth, and which direction he is heading at all times.  If he was making a trip around the supposed ice wall of the flat earth, he would be proclaiming that, but he is not.  And besides, that trip would have taken way more time.

Jon Sanders and his faithful SV Perie Banou II are currently taking one last circumnavigation of the PLANET, not the flat earth!

Reference: wikipedia

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