Flat Earthers in Christ Facebook Flat Earth Verses Globe Earth Meme

This Flat Earth Deception post features a Facebook post that supposedly shows the ramifications of a flat Earth vs. a globe Earth.

This meme was posted in the Flat Earthers in Christ Facebook group.  My comments are in red.

Flat Earth versus Globe Earth comparison

The irony of this meme is that we experience or are told about most of the things that are listed under the globe earth (scarcity, limited energy, global warming, aliens, evolution, big bang, theft and taxation and politics) so using the logic of the meme, the Earth must be globe-shaped.

We sure don’t live in the idealistic world that is described under the flat earth.

Abundant Resources on Flat Earth verses Scarcity on a globe Earth

How would the resources on a flat Earth be any different than a globe earth?  They say that the Earth is flat, so why are there not abundant resources for everyone? 

This point does not prove that the Earth is flat; quite contrary, since there is scarcity, it points to the globe Earth according to their logic.

Cyclical Energy verses Limited Energy on a globe Earth

Once again, the logic fails on this point.  We have limited energy on the Earth, so by their logic, the Earth is a globe.

No Global Warming on a Flat Earth verses Global Warming on a globe Earth

Actually, if there is a dome over the Earth, all of the heat and chemicals would be trapped, which would cause global warming.

But once again, the logic fails, as people proclaim that there is global warming, so following the logic of the meme; the Earth is globe-shaped.

Center of Universe on a Flat Earth verses Insignificant on a Cosmic Scale on a globe Earth

It’s quite possible that the globe Earth is at the center of the Earth, as many have proposed this geocentric globe Earth concept; but it’s ignored in the false dichotomy of flat Earth vs heliocentric globe Earth.

No Aliens on a Flat Earth verses Aliens on a globe Earth

There are no aliens now, just PSYOPS about supposed aliens and unidentified military aircraft.

Maybe some day aliens will crash into the dome, causing it to collapse, ending life on Earth. 😛

No evolution on a Flat Earth verses Evolution on a globe Earth

Evolutionists can merely say that God created the dome Earth and left it to evolve; so this points proves nothing.

A dome seems like a better environment for evolution, than an exposed globe Earth.  Just sayin. 🙂

No big bang on a Flat Earth verses big bang on a globe Earth

Here’s a ‘big bang theory’.  If people are determined to believe that all of what they see today on the Earth, evolved over billions of years, through chance; after a big bang caused everything to evolve out of absolutely nothing; then they are not going to believe in the Creator of Scriptures.

Free energy on a Flat Earth verses Theft and taxation on a globe Earth

Tesla documented how to create free energy from the ether, and it has nothing to do with the Earth being flat.

Once again, the logic fails, as we do have massive theft and taxation; so following the logic of this meme, the Earth is globe-shaped.

Equality for all on a Flat Earth verses Politics on a globe Earth

Well, if the Earth is flat, why then do we not have equality for all?  Because it has nothing to do with the shape of the Earth!

We have lots of politics on the Earth; so following the logic of this meme, the Earth is globe-shaped.

Created by God on a Flat Earth verses We Came From Monkeys on a globe Earth

Which God? The God of Islam? Buddhism? Proving that the Earth is flat does not prove the God of the Bible.  

We can look at the most amazing creation of all, every day, and know that there is a Creator.  Our bodies are the most advanced design of anything on this planet.

This meme proves nothing, and it is illogical!  Just another reason why I reject the flat earth theory!

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