Flat Earther Nathan Roberts Proclaims That Kansas Is Flat

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts, who promotes the flat earth model, posted a video titled “Kansas is flat”.

The irony is that when he shows the landscape, you can only see for about 3 miles; which lines up with the earth curvature formula.

If the earth were flat, they would be able to see much further.

The premise of this video is just so inane! Regardless of whether the earth is a globe or the earth is flat, the terrain of Kansas is flat; so the video doesn’t prove anything.

Why can’t you see highway bridges and grain towers from 10 miles away, even when you use a telescope?  Because they’re hidden by the curvature of the earth.

Nathan Roberts is driving to Colorado for the FE2018 Flat Earth International Conference In Denver where he’s going to teach about how the Bible supposedly points to a flat earth.

I reviewed Nathan’s list of Bible verses and he takes them out of context, to try to prove his beliefs.

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6 thoughts on “Flat Earther Nathan Roberts Proclaims That Kansas Is Flat”

  1. Nothing on Earth would work on a curved plane. Not lighthouses, Not radar, Not Lasers, Not floods, Not rivers, Not lakes, Not oceans, Not long haul flying.

    Why can’t I see China or Mount Everest on Flat Earth?

    Oh! I didn’t know you could see through buildings, hills, mountains, 100 foot waves, dense weather, humidity and temperature variations, pollution, fog, mist, dust particles, dense fluid air, atmospheric refraction and lensing, magnification and superior mirage effects!
    Or even eye level horizontal rate of convergence and vanishing point, depth perception, ramped and linear perceptive, angular resolution and pyramidal perspective!
    Or even knowing how your eye visual perspective ramp actually works!

  2. Is he going to post a video of the landscape of Denver, Colorado, which is not flat? Maybe he should go to the top of Pike’s Peak, which is 14,115 feet high and look out over the landscape of Colorado Springs which is at an altitude of 6,035 feet. From a 8,000 foot elevation gain he should be able to see hundreds of miles with his Nikon P900, if the earth is flat.

    • That would be a great experiment Alan! He should be able to see Salina, KS; which is due east of Pike’s Peak and is 404 miles away.

  3. It seems like flat earthers grasp at any supposed proof that the earth is flat. I’m still waiting for pictures of the dome and the edge of the flat earth. LOL!

    • Yeah Rick, they dismiss all photos from space from NASA, Russia, China, etc., but they don’t have any pictures from above to prove that the earth is flat; nor do they have any pictures of the dome or the edge of the flat earth.

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