Flat Earther Nathan Roberts Accuses Globe-Earthers Of Promoting An Atheistic Narrative

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts posted this on his Flat Earth Doctrine Facebook page, proclaiming that people who deny the flat earth theory are proponents of an atheistic creation narrative.

Nathan Roberts Flat Earth Doctrine Christians Who Deny Flat Earth Are Proponents Of Atheism

Nathan’s accusation is arrogant and ridiculous! People who believe that the earth is a globe have proclaimed the Gospel for 2,000 years, and they have proclaimed the very opposite of an atheistic creation narrative.

If the globe earth is heliocentric, then it’s at the perfect distance, the perfect angle, and it has the perfect atmosphere to protect life.

Nathan Roberts fails to acknowledge that the Tychonic geocentric model is viable according to Scripture and scientific proofs; and it points to a Creator.

If people want to believe that the earth is flat, have at it; but when you start condemning other believers, your brothers and sisters in Messiah, because they believe that the earth is a globe, then you cross the line.

Nathan Roberts is the most outspoken flat-earther in this regard. He accuses people of denying the Word, denying the Father, denying Messiah; if you don’t believe that the earth is flat.

Even if the earth was flat, the way Nathan Roberts treats other believers is to be condemned. He is divisive and judgmental.

And the worst part is that he abuses the Scriptures to proclaim that they say that the earth is flat! And he is mistaken!

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