Flat Earther Nathan Roberts Accuses Patricia Steere Of Being A Man

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts posted this on his Flat Earth Doctrine YouTube account, titled ‘Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes: A Dude is a Gun? (Pat Steere)’

In the video Nathan implies that Patricia Steere is a male. He accuses her of being a witch, and when she denied it, Nathan proclaimed that the only other option is that Pat is warlock.

Nathan Roberts is one of the most judgmental Christians I’ve ever seen. He proclaims that Christians who deny that the earth is flat, are denying the Word of God, denying Elohim and denying Messiah. He makes judgments about the salvation of globeheads. He attacks Patricia Steere, Rob Skiba, and other leaders in the flat earth community.

The crazy part is that it’s all for naught, as the premise of his attack is built on sinking sand. He takes Scriptures out of context to proclaim that they say that the earth is flat!

He uses a verse which is about military men camping in tents in an open field, to proclaim that the ‘Bible says flat earth!

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