Flat Earth Water Always Find Its Level

This Flat Earth Deception post features another nonsensical flat earth meme about water finding it’s level.

The water on a globe earth still find its level, between land masses, so this point is absurd!

The forces of this earth cause water to move to the lowest elevation.  That would happen on a flat earth or a globe earth.  And there are other forces that act on water to cause it to form to the curve of the ball earth.

Flat Earth Water Always Find Its Level Deception Proves Nothing

As for water not being able to stay on a curved earth, that is absurd!  These people, who know nothing about physics, just think that water would fall off of a ball earth.

But there are forces which pull things towards the center of the earth. Those forces are explainable on a ball earth, but not explainable on a flat earth.

There is no ‘up’ in space, so it’s not like water would just fall off of the bottom of the globe earth.

But flat earthers pretend that the reason that water stays on the domed earth is because the dome is up, and the earth is down.

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