Flat Earth Moon Lighting Issues

This Flat Earth Deception post features another nonsensical flat earth meme about why the moon doesn’t have shading edges or a hot spot.

Flat earthers post these type of images on Facebook, making them seem like they prove something.

Flat earth sphere lighting issues

Obviously the spheres on the bottom are lit by a small, local light; which creates the shading and the light spot.

The moon is in the full moon phase, when the sun is opposite of the moon, so all of it is lit. But the small balls are lit from the top left, which causes the shadow.

A few days before the full moon, the moon would have a hidden portion, as it is located closer to the sun; which hides part of the illuminated side from earthly viewers.

The full moon is lit by a sun that is far away, which is why there is no light spot on it.

Sadly ,flat earthers don’t seem able to discern when an explanation is not valid; and they just Like these explanations and share them on Facebook.

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