The New Google Earth

This Flat Earth Deception post features a video from Google about the new Google Earth program.

This is the new Google Earth video. The whole world is now in your browser.

Fly through landmarks and cities like London, Tokyo and Rome in stunning 3D, then dive in to experience them first hand with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, which brings you stories from the BBC, NASA, Sesame Street and more.

If you’ve ever used Google Earth, then you understand the monumental task it was to map out all of this information, and put it together into an easy to use program.

To propose that they have taken flat earth data and changed it into globe earth data, as part of some conspiracy, is ludicrous.

How do you think that they gathered images of every point on the Earth? From the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Landsat 8 satellite.

The previous version of Google Earth used data from Landsat 7. Now Google has updated Google Earth with the imagery from Landsat 8, launched in 2013. The new satellite is able to capture images with “greater detail, truer colors, and at an unprecedented frequency — capturing twice as many images as Landsat 7 does every day.”

Flat earthers have to create many explanations, such as there are no satellites; but we can clearly see that satellites are used by companies every day.  Read Satellites Prove The Flat Earth Deception

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