The Irony Of Nathan Roberts BIBLICAL COSMOLOGY = False Teacher Video

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Nathan Roberts posted this on his Flat Earth Doctrine Facebook page. Read Nathan Roberts Flat Earth Doctrine False Teacher, False Prophet Video

Nathan Roberts of Flat Earth Doctrine is a False Teacher

The irony of Nathan Roberts posting a video titled “BIBLICAL COSMOLOGY = False Teacher” is that he calls himself a Cosmological Evangelist, and he is a false teacher.

Nathan teaches a false cosmology, as the Bible describes a geocentric globe earth. Scripture describes a geocentric globe earth. Nathan Roberts is being intellectually dishonest by not giving the geocentric globe earth as an option, as he only talks about the flat earth and the heliocentric globe earth.

Nathan teaches a false gospel, as he proclaims that if you don’t believe that the earth is flat, then you effectively deny Messiah, who is the Word.

Honest people don’t list verses that are about John the Baptist “preparing the way for Messiah, to make His way straight,” as flat earth proofs.

Honest people don’t ignore the context of 2 Samuel 11:11, which is about Uriah’s army sleeping in tents in an “open field,” just to be able to proclaim that “the Bible says flat earth.”

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Bible says geocentric globe earth