BM Furball Video “Orthogonal” Curve Proves Water Curves

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

This video from BM Furball called “Orthogonal” Curve, which proves the curvature of the water, side to side.

It shows the beach in Hawaii become more and more hidden, as the camera moves to the right, as it distance to the beach increases.

A Wat commented with: “The houses are being obscured by the tears of flat earthers. It’s that simple.”

Sir Mildred Pierce commented with: “One of the problems with the flat earthers asking “why can’t you see the horizon from side to side” is that when you look out over the ocean or a large lake the horizon isn’t side-to-side, it is equidistant from the observer, i.e. the horizon is a circle with the observer in the middle. This suggestion that there should be a bulge in the middle also reveals the narcissistic motivations of the average flat earther, they imagine that the bulge would be somehow centered on *them*. Does that mean they think the bulge should follow them as they scan the horizon back and forth?

With that said, I suspect that if one were able to get in the right position, somewhere quite distant but centered on the middle of the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge, one would be able to observe the bridge creeping over the curvature in both directions, but the reason no pictures of this exist is because no one has gotten around to doing it. You’d have to go out on a boat, presumably, and filming it would be difficult because of the rocking. You could do it as a video, panning from left to right. Or you could stitch together a series of photos, but that would leave it open to claims of “photoshop fakery!”

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