Perspective Proves The Flat Earth Deception

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

One of the primary deceptions of the flat earth theory is that it is based on a person’s perspective.  They say that is the only way to know the truth.

They dismiss science and mathematics, and rely solely on their perspective.

Flat earthers teach about perspective to justify the flat earth, but they ignore that the sun does not shrink in size as it moves away from us, like it should if the earth is flat. It stays the same size from when it rises, to when it’s overhead, to when it sets; which proves that it’s not close to the earth; and that the earth is curved.


The video provides a graphical visualization which proves that the sun and moon can’t work properly on the flat earth model.

The water in a water bottle proves that the horizon does not rise up to eye level.

The water in a water bottle proves that the horizon does not rise up to eye level.

The view of the Isles of Man proves the curvature of the earth.

On the West coast of England, in the Lake District, is the village of St. Bees. From here, on a clear day, you can look out across the ocean and see the Isle of Man, approximately 50 kilometres away.

Just to the north-west of the village is a coastal walk up a hill, and from there it is possible to view the Isle of Man at many different elevations as you climb to the summit. The path rises to about 62 metres above sea level, and as you ascend something interesting can be observed.

You’ll begin to notice that, at low elevation, much of the Isle of Man is obscured by the curve of the Earth, but as you steadily climb higher, the obstruction caused by the curve diminishes, and more of the island comes into view.

Animating a sequence of photographs, taken from the walk, clearly demonstrates how the curvature of the Earth affects the visibility of the Isle of Man at various elevations.

A professional airline pilot shows the sunset at 45,000 ft confirms that the Horizon drops.

You can see that the downward angle is 3.7 degrees.  If the Theodolite app was pointing up, so that it’s at 0 degrees tilt, then the cross hairs would be pointing to the sky above the horizon, at the red horizontal line.  So the horizon does not rise up to meet our eye!


Flat earthers proclaim that the horizon RISES to meet their eyes; but if the land is RISING, then it’s not flat!

To see how large the globe earth, compare a 45 degree slice to a 1 degree slice.

45 degree arc of globe earth

The Earth is so big, that looking straight out makes the earth seem flat; but 1 arc degree, which spans 69 miles, is still curved.

1 degree arc of globe earth looks flat

The eyes can only see so wide of a landscape, so it’s not able to detect a curve on so short of a distance.

If you’re standing on a flat area and you can see about three miles across and only so wide, the earth is big enough that you’re not going to see the curvature.

To accurately look out to the Horizontal Line, and measure the Earth, you need a theodolite, which is what many thousands of people used to map out the globe earth.

A theodolite is a precision instrument for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes.

When the telescope is pointed at a target object, the angle of each of these axes can be measured with great precision, typically to seconds of arc.

You can measure the difference between the Horizontal Line that projects straight out, at 90 degree angle to the Earth; and the Horizon Line, which is seen when you look down slightly.



Surveyor’s instrument confirms the Horizon does NOT rise to eye level.

One of the biggest perspective problems is that flat earthers are applying the 8″ per mile earth curvature formula to wrong line.

8 inch per mile formula for curved globe earth

One of the biggest perspective problems is that flat earthers are applying the 8" per mile earth curvature formula to wrong line.

Let’s apply this to a picture to see the difference between the level line and the horizon line.

Let's apply this to a picture to see the difference between the level line and the horizon line.

Here’s a link to an advanced earth curvature calculator:

Here’s a link to a more basic earth curvature calculator:

The primary question is, how can we trust any image from flat-earthers, as they have an agenda and are biased.  For all we know it’s been photo-shopped to remove the curve.  That aside, in this image they make it seem like our perspective on a ball earth cannot ever seem flat.

flat horizon not possible on a globe earth

A large sphere appears flat over short distances.  Most images that flat earthers share are only a few miles wide, so it’s hard to discern the curve.

Curved earth seems flat across a few miles

They show images of the Sun which make it seem closer but which mislead on the perspective.

This image tries to imply that since the horizontal distance is only a few miles, then the Sun must only be a few miles away.  First of all, it that is true, then that does not line up with their teaching that the Sun is 3,000 miles away.  Secondly, and more importantly, it is not taking into consideration how far away the Sun is in the background.

Globe earth theory image about sun distance

Here’s another image that gives a false perspective explanation.  Looking at the triangle on the left, the bottom line is only a few miles wide, which means that the Sun would only be a few miles up in the sky.

Flat Earth Sun Rays Through Clouds

Once again, they prove that they don’t understand geometry either, as if the Sun were the same distance from the earth as the angles of the rays, then it would only be a few miles away; instead of the 3,000 miles which they proclaim.

Flat earth image, Sun geometry

But these crepuscular rays look just like the furrows on a plowed field.  The lines look like they angle toward a convergence point; but we know that the lines are straight, and all end at different points.

But these crepuscular rays look just like a ploughed field. The lines look like they point at an angle, up to a convergence point; but we know that the lines are straight, and all end at different points.

In this image they make the ball earth so small, that it makes it seem like the plane is always having to curve.  Obviously the earth is not that small, as the ball earth appears relatively flat on the airplanes gyroscope and the pilots visual horizon.

Flat earth plane across a globe explanation

A gyroscope indicates the orientation of the plane to the earth’s surface, not to a straight line in space. A plane’s natural tendency is to point down to the ground, so the control’s keep it level in its relationship to the earth.

So to maintain an altitude of 10,000 feet above the earth’s surface, the plane is constantly adjusting to keep its nose up; all the while the gyroscope is reading level.  The adjustment for the curve is built in.

A airplane gyroscope maintains a level attitude as compared with the earth, does not prove the flat earth

They proclaim that the tilt of the earth makes no sense in space.

Scientists are not saying that the earth is tilted as compared to space, rather that it is tilted in its orientation to the Sun, which affects the areas that the Sun strikes.

Flat Earth no tilt of the globe earth explanation

They proclaim that water the flows North on a globe earth is going uphill.

This explanation is ridiculous!  Water flows to the lowest level.  The Nile starts at high altitudes and flows downwards to sea level.

Flat earth explanation of Nile not flowing uphill

Flat earthers say that water doesn’t curve around the globe earth, but this video proves that wrong.

We can see that the electric towers going across Lake Pontchartrain, which are all designed to be at the same height above water, are indeed curving over the Lake.

Lake Pontchartrain proves that the earth is curved, and that water curves around the globe earth.

Lake Pontchartrain proves that the earth is curved, and water curves around the globe earth

This ‘Soundly Proving the Curvature of the Earth at Lake Pontchartrain‘ page provides much more proof, that the earth and water are curving.












17 thoughts on “Perspective Proves The Flat Earth Deception”

  1. Good website. Glad you are open minded about alternatives to mainstream science.

    When the flat earthers do the curvature tests, they are actually seeing through a “bulge” that would appear if the earth is curved. It is a physical obstruction, like a hill.

    So for 20 miles, the “bulge” is 16.67 feet. This means that it doesn’t matter whether the observer is looking down or straight ahead. Yet flat eathers can still see through the bulge in their tests. Example:

    Sagitta (or ‘Bulge’) is the amount of rise of the earth’s curve from a straight line connecting two points on the surface
    ‘Sagitta’ r-sqrt(4*r*r – d*d)/2, = 16.67 feet (200.05 inches)

    • Fake? That’s what flat earthers have to say about a lot of things, just to dismiss them. You can replicate the experiment on your next airplane flight.

      You ignore the other image and video using the Theolodolite program which shows the same thing, that the horizontal line extends out, above the horizon line; proving that the horizon doesn’t rise up to meet your eyes.

  2. You are suggesting the earth is shaped like a tube! According to you the curvature is observable in front of you within a short distance but never observable sideways. Also if powerlines are curving and the surface of the water follow that same spherical horizon, the water at the half way point between the observer and the target would build up as a nice tidal wave! Hahahhahahahahha! You don’t seriously believe what you are posting! You just want to oppose the FE model for attention!

    • Philippe, I believe everything that I’ve posted on this website.

      As for opposing the FE model for attention, that’s ironic because it’s the FE promoters who are selling books and being featured at FE conferences. Do I sell books? DVDs? Make money on YouTube with my videos? Charge to be a speaker at conferences? No! This website is not about me.

      • The simple fact is that no one can prove the curvature exist using the Pythagorean math. One degree of spherical declination is about 69 miles and at 35,000 feet you have about 250 miles of observational horizon which is always flat and at eye level regardless of distance, elevation and altitude. The Earth is observably and measurably flat.

        • The simple fact is that if you use the earth curvature formula and plug 35,000 feet into the ‘Viewer height in Feet’ it computes a horizon of 229.2 Miles. And that’s exactly what we see, so that proves that the earth is a globe.

          If the earth were flat, then from 35,000 feet we would be able to see much further.

          You can use the ‘Advanced’ setting of the earth curvature formula @ to change the earth’s radius of 3,959 miles to 3,959,000 miles, which mimics an earth that is so huge that it effectively is flat on top, mimicking a flat earth scenario. It computes a Horizon Line distance of 7,244 miles, but that’s not what we see, is it?

          Besides that, the sun and moon prove that the earth is not flat, but is a globe. They both stay the same size from their rising, to them being directly overhead, to them setting. If the earth were flat, they would appear as a small dot above the horizon which would grow in size until they are overhead, and then they would shrink back down to a small dot and disappear. But that’s not what we see.

          Flat earthers try to make it seem like the size of the sun is changing, but whether it’s from ignorant or deception, they don’t use a solar filter so the sun appears large in the haze.

          You can see a video of the sun using a solar filter on this page The Sun Proves The Flat Earth Deception

  3. Your explanation of a gyro is wrong. We have them on US Submarines and how they work is they maintain a reference position, in a gyro compass: North, in an artificial horizion: level, much like a surveyors transit. The gyro motors spin a super high speeds keeping the gyro orientated at the calibration point or direction. For-instance, one way to PROVE a spinning earth is to shut down a gyroscope compass (like from a ship) old school gyro type…set it perfectly level, reset it to point at west, not North. Over 24 hours the outer part will rotate 360 degrees around the inner following the earths rotation. At least it should…that would pretty much end the debate.
    Pointing the gyro compass North this effect cannot happen as the gyro will simply continue to point North as the earth rotates. If we are a globe, same for south. You only note this effect if you choose east or west as the gyro will stay pointed in that direction as the world turns. ))

  4. You cant use canals or rivers to gage flat or curved earth anything. Its completely logical and evidence is everywhere that you can construct a perfectly FLAT body of water or train tracks miles long over any surface. Thats why they use a surveyors transit, or now a lazer level….The transit creates a single reference point to lay out a flat/level track/canal/road, whatever. Its a single reference point that all reference points can go from, literally extending out into space. ))

    • Sorry, Torpex. Water will confirm to the forces acting on it, if the body of water is sufficiently large, it will show curvature due to gravity. Train Tracks go on TERRAIN, which does NOT have to follow curvature over short distances (hence why we have mountains, valleys, etc.) but can be flat, or not. Train Tracks are 83′ (typically) long steel rails, which can EASILY bend the amount the earth curves over their length (drop is about 2 THOUSANDTHS (0.001977) inches. So you most certainly CAN use rivers and canals, as long as the surface is relatively still (no rapid flow, such as a river flowing down a steep incline.

      • My point on that is if u zoomed into the bridge would u be able to see the bottom portions not visible on the video…and if so, then u would have debunked yourself…because the whole boat under the horizon comes into effect here…


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