Paul Sides, aka Rav Shaul of cites FlatEarthDeception website

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

Here’s a Facebook post from Paul Sides, who teaches as Rav Shaul on

The Test… put up or shut up.

I challenged everyone in the FE movement to take a very simple test. The FE tells us that when the sun sets it doesn’t really set and with the aid of a telescope you can bring the sun back! Proving the Earth is flat.

What they do not tell you (as every video is a manipulation based on our ignorance) is that the horizon is NOT where the Earth curves and what you are witnessing when the “sun sets” is not the Sun going behind the Earth but beyond your eye’s ability to see. It is simply as “far as your eye can see” it is where the Earth and the sky meet in the distance. Look it up people, don’t fall for their manipulation:
noun: horizon; plural noun: horizons
1. the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet.

They show us the video below as to prove the Earth is Flat.

Video #1: Sun does not move behind the Earth, just the horizon and can be brought back with aid to the naked eye:

This does not prove anything as all it is showing is that with the aid of a telescope you can “see further” beyond the horizon (where the Earth and Sky appear to meet) and extend out that horizon and see the Sun again.

As long as it is light outside, you are not in the Earth’s shadow (the Sun has not set behind a rotating Earth). Twilight is the time between when the Sun moves beyond the point your eye can see it because of the horizon (which is always flat i.e. the word Horizon comes from the word horizontal) and when the Sun actually is rotated behind the Globe and you enter the Earth’s shadow. This is why The Sabbath begins when it gets dark not “when the Sun appears to set” because the day does not end until darkness (when the Sun actually sets which you cannot see).

Now, with the aid of a high-powered telescope, you can actually see the Sun set! Notice, the FE never keeps their videos running that long (see video 1) they just manipulate you then cut off the video before the Sun actually sets.

Video 2 is the sun set under a high-powered telescope. It can see beyond 10 horizons and notice the Sun NEVER changes size as if it is moving away from you until it gradually gets so small you can’t see it which is how it would behave in a FE model. It stays the exact same size and you can see the Earth rotate the Sun out of your line of sight, then darkness falls upon you as you enter its shadow. Once out of your line of sight because it is behind the Earth, no matter how powerful the telescope you can NEVER see the Earth until is rises the next morning.

Video #2: The Sun going behind the Earth as seen through a high powered telescope. It does not change size it is rotated out of view by a spinning Globe.:

The truth is, if the Sun were moving in the sky above you at 3,000 miles, it would behave the same way a plane flying overhead. It would be HUGE directly over your head (as a plane is) because it would be at its closest point then get smaller and smaller and smaller until it disappears just like a plane. And like a plane, it would NEVER get anywhere near the horizon!!!! That simply is not what the Sun does, it behaves exactly as it would if it were a constant distance away and the Earth is rotating.

What about weather balloons and the flat horizon!

This holds true for all those videos of weather balloons and amateur pilots in their little Cessna planes shouting LOOK the Earth if Flat no matter how high you go!!! Come on! The Earth is massive, and those balloons/planes are but a speck on a massive globe and you cannot see the curvature of the Earth with your naked eye anywhere on this globe. All you are seeing is the horizon! Which is always flat on a globe this size. You cannot see far enough to see the curve without a high-powered telescope.

So throw out all those videos too, you have been had! To see the Earth’s curve you have to get far enough into outer space to see the entire Earth in your field of vision and no weather balloon or plane can go that high. That is why they must discredit all space agencies because they make fools of the FE each and every day.


That is all I am going to say. People, do your opposition research. There are many people who have completely debunked this FE lie. Don’t just surround yourself with FE stuff and militant FEers. It is all pseudoscience and manipulation and unfortunately most of us are not educated in these matters well enough to know better.

The Earth is not flat, we do not live in a snow globe, the Creator is much more creative than that. You are missing out on Yahuah’s amazing creative works, so wonderful and so powerful and so awe inspiring the human mind could never comprehend it. It is an ever-expanding Universe full of wonder and the size uncomprehendable and it is expanding.

Yahusha’s government (The Kingdom of Yahuah) begins on this planet, then after a 1,000-year training program it is established over all creation (the Universe) and it expands with NO END because the Universe is ever expanding.

—– Isaiah 9:7
Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end, on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time forth and forevermore. The zeal of Yahuah of hosts will do this. —–

The only thing “flat” about creation is not the Earth, it is creation itself! Which is an ever-expanding rotating spiral… see image 3.

Below is a link to a very good site that will help you come out of this deception both overcoming the pseudoscience of the FE with real science, and addressing the manipulated sound bite doctrine in Scripture the FE is based on…

Flat Earth Deception home page

Biblical Proofs Of The Geocentric Globe Earth 

Biblical Proofs Of The Globe Earth

I also address the fact that every Scripture the FE uses is a mistranslation and when you look closely at the original language they actually say the Earth is a Globe here:

I am not going to get wrapped up in this debate. Like I said, the Earth has absolutely NOTHING to do with His Debar…

—– Isaiah 51:6 —–
And when there is NO EARTH to argue over, His Plan of Salvation remains true

His Debar is written in The Heavenly Scroll, not the shape of the Earth

—- Psalm 119:89 —–
Your word, Yahuah, is eternal; it stands firm (written) in the heavenly scroll.

We should not engage these who are lesser in faith and taken in by such winds of lies and false doctrines that do not pertain to the Scriptures.

—- Romans 14:1 —–
Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters.

So I am going to continue to add to my note here with more over time as I get a spare minute or two for all of you who are being attacked by the FE militants and told to “repent the Earth is flat” and if you do not you are called every name in the book, told you are sold out to illuminati and Babylon.

They are liars and manipulators in the movement, and then there are very good people being lied to and manipulated to deny the Creator’s handiwork and preach another gospel. They are divisive and destroying the family of Yahuah over a lie.

Much love… now back to the Book of Hebrews.
Rav Sha’ul the Nazarene.

Attached is an artist rendering our Galaxy, the Universe too is a large spiral of galaxies which is FLAT, not the Earth.

Paul Sides, aka Rav Shaul of cites FlatEarthDeception website

I appreciate that Paul Sides is willing to take a stand against the flat earth theory, which is deceiving so many believers.

And I appreciate that he referred people to my Biblical Proofs Of The Geocentric Globe Earth study, though he may not realize who wrote it, as I also wrote this website that exposes his false teachings about Messiah. Rav Sha’ul, Paul Sides, Exposed