Paul Nasa Lies Thomas Shared A Nonsensical Flat Earth Meme

by David on January 21, 2018

This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.

On 01-20-18, Paul Nasa Lies Thomas shared this post on the Facebook group: The FLAT out TRUTH & no BALL face LIES.

If you mark where the horizon line is, and then boat out to that spot, are we supposed to believe that they would be able to detect the drop of the earth?

Why would the curve of the earth be next to his boat?

The curve drops 8″ over the first mile out.  Are we supposed to believe that he would be able to detect an 8″ drop, while looking out one mile?

Sadly, four people like this meme.

Just another nonsensical meme from flat earthers, which proves absolutely nothing!

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BALASUBRAMANIAN THIRUVASAGAM January 25, 2018 at 4:27 am

I’m a Flat Earther

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